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Re: Theos-talk Msgs 43528-43531

Aug 10, 2010 03:20 AM
by Sampsa Kuukasjarvi

Ok, the missing posts were written by Petri, not Govert.

Petri is the first name and Jokela the surname. He is a he from Finland, like me.

I think this list is not as Adyar HQ critical as it should be towards all organizations. And since we have seen MKR's strong opinions pro Adyar and the Indian section, it is no wonder that censorship suspicion arose.


--- In, "Govert Schuller" <schuller@...> wrote:
> Dear Ramadoss,
> Thanks for clarifying, ... finally. 
> When I obtained the missing messages from another source (see below) I was struck by the fact that all the 4 messages had been posted by Jokela Petri, but were quite harmless in nature. 
> Actually, one of them was a response to a question posed by you and you did respond to another one of her missing messages, and thereby preserved its content. From this I have to conclude that there was not any censorship going on. 
> It still is a mystery that they disappeared.  
> Now with the questions solved surrounding your e-mail adress and your (non-)role in the missing posts, I hope Katinka will reconsider her intended leaving of this list. 
> Govert

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