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Deletion of Messages by Poster

Aug 09, 2010 07:40 PM
by MKR

>From time to time, one may post a msg to the list, and in retrospect one my
want to clean up by removing it from the list. Many are in the belief that
this cannot be done.  Yes, it can be done. A clarification is in order so
everyone is aware of the process/procedure for message deletion.

When a message is posted to the list, it is stored in yahoo servers. After
the end of the month, the messages are permanently archived to

Whenever a poster wants to clean up their messages by removing them, it can
be done by the poster by signing to the list on the web and deleting their
messages. Once deleted, the msg is gone for ever and cannot be restored.

However, any deletion by the poster has to be done before they are archived
to  Once archived, poster cannot remove any messages.

I hope this helps everyone.


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