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'Ingratitude is not one of our vices' - To Eldon

Aug 09, 2010 09:52 AM
by prmoliveira


Now that you have announced your retirement I would like to express gratitude for your work of so many years on theos-talk. When you started the list Facebook and other social network initiatives had not been even conceived yet. Recently I read a comment that we do not need theos-talk anymore as there are many other alternatives. I beg to differ.

When I first became aware of the list I could clearly see that 
it is also an ideological battleground. In fact, the anti-Adyar element in was so strong that it would seem counter-productive to join it. Well, I was wrong. There were quite vigorous exchanges on this list in years gone by and the amount of considered opinion, not only on theosophical teachings but also on the history of the movement was interesting, to say the least.

And then there was you. The list members may correct me if I am wrong but I have never read even one angry, or demeaning or defamatory message from you against anybody. It really looks like you walk the talk, man. In rather critical and very difficult moments, when some of us probably thought that the list could have been even shut down by Yahoo at anytime by the widespread, let us say, uncivility of some of the posts, you came to the rescue and reminded us all of what the list is all about. I am not trying to out you as a proto-cyber-boddhisatva among us, but a number of times you have shown us that one can discuss theosophy without being at each other's throat.
Personally I think that the non-visual format of theos-talk invites reflection, not being crowded with so many images and photographs and videos like other sites. In this sense the list is like an `aunt' to other more applications-filled discussion sites.

I really should stop rambling. I just wanted to say thank you, man, for your dedication, perseverance and quiet friendliness. You are an example to emulate. By the way, don't forget: you owe me a vegetarian lunch! 


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