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Possible delay at Yahoo Groups on Monday, Aug 9

Aug 09, 2010 06:06 AM
by MKR

Here is an announcement from Yahoo.


"On Monday, August 9 from 2-5pm Pacific Standard time, (22:00-01:00
GMT)Yahoo! Groups will conduct some tests to comply with our annual Business
Continuity Planning Certification (BCP).

BCP ensures that, should we suffer a major technical outage, we can minimize
the impact on your groups by quickly switching to a fully operational copy
of the site in another location.

Per your suggestions and comments on our previous blog posts, I wanted to
inform you ahead of time, as there may be a brief period of errors on your
group's homepage. Some groups might also experience message-posting delays
for up to 2-3 hours.

There is a possibility that messages in a few groups will be queued up and
delivered at a later time, but don't worry our team is working hard to
decrease this possibility.

We expect the maintenance to be complete and all systems performing normally
again by 5 pm."

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