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Re: theos-talk I Have Emailed Eldon Tucker the following

Aug 08, 2010 09:40 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear friends

My views are:

Thanks Daniel.
I guess the following is the central part in your link:

"But, unfortunately, the mailing list was gradually, step by step, becoming what I personally see as a propaganda machine for the assertion of views in support of the current administration at the TS Adyar Headquarters, with an active disqualification of different ones and non-transparent moderation. There are obviously many members of the theos_talk mailing list, including myself, who are disappointed with this development and would like to see it returning back on old track. It seems that this cannot happen if the answers to the questions raised during the discussion will not be given. And as now on the theos_talk list there is present the tendency to fog these questions with irrelevant postings "about salad", as we use to say in Slovenia, I am republishing here all relevant posts. For the title of this web page I used the TS motto: "There is No Religion Higher Than Truth" because MKR, the theos_talk current moderator, loves to use it to underlie his observations. So, let us see how faithful he is to this motto when he is challenged to reveal the actual situation concerning his personal attitude and the ownership and moderation of the theos_talk mailing list.   
Anton Rozman "

I would call that a very personal view about a new assistent attached to the forums moderation.
Are anyone able to back this view with some substantial documentation?

H. P. BLAVATSKY and THE ORIGINAL PROGRAME on backbiting and slander...and similar...

I remember H. P. Blavatsky said about the Original Program in BCW, Vol. p. 145-173:
"(1) The Founders had to exercise all their influence to oppose selfishness of any kind, by insisting upon sincere, fraternal feelings among the Members-at least outwardly; working for it to bring about a spirit of unity and harmony, the great diversity of creeds notwithstanding; expecting and demanding from the Fellows, a great mutual toleration and charity for each other's shortcomings; mutual help in the research of truths in every domain-moral or physical-and even, in daily life. 

2) They had to oppose in the strongest manner possible anything approaching dogmatic faith and fanaticism-belief in the infallibility of the Masters, or even in the very existence of our invisible Teachers, having to be checked from the first. On the other hand, as a great respect for the private views and creeds of every member was demanded, any Fellow criticising the faith or belief of another Fellow, hurting his feelings, or showing a reprehensible self-assertion, unasked (mutual friendly advices were a duty unless declined)-such a member incurred expulsion. The greatest spirit of free research untrammelled by anyone or anything, had to be encouraged.

Thus, for the first year the Members of the T. Body who representing every class in Society as every creed and belief-Christian clergymen, Spiritualists, Freethinkers, Mystics, Masons and Materialists-lived and met under these rules in peace and friendship. There were two or three expulsions for slander and backbiting. The rules, however imperfect in their tentative character, were strictly enforced and respected by the members."
"Owing to the rapid increase in the Society in India, the present Rules and Statutes grew out. They are not the outcome of the deliberate thought and whim of the Prest.-Founder, but the result of the yearly meetings of the General Council at the Anniversaries. If the members of that G. C. have framed them so as to give a wider authority to the President-Founder, it was the result of their absolute confidence in him, in his devotion and love for the Society, and not at all-as implied in "A Few Words"-a proof of his love for power and authority. Of this, however, later on."
"It was never denied that the Organization of the Theosophical Society was very imperfect. Errare humanum est. But, if it can be shown that the President has done what he could under the circumstances and in the best way he knew how-no one, least of all a theosophist, can charge him with the sins of the whole community as now done. From the founders down to the humblest member the Society is composed of imperfect mortal men-not gods. This was always claimed by its leaders. "He who feels without sin, let him cast the first stone." It is the duty of every Member of the Council to offer advice and to bring for the consideration of the whole body any incorrect proceedings One of the plaintiffs is a Councillor."
"Having never used his privileges as one, in the matter of the complaints now proffered-and thus, having no excuse to give that his just representations were not listened to, he by bringing out publicly what he had to state first privately-sins against Rule XII. The whole paper now reads like a defamatory aspersion, being full of untheosophical and unbrotherly insinuations-which the writers thereof could never have had in view.
This Rule XIIth was one of the first and the wisest. It is by neglecting to have it enforced when most needed, that the President-Founder has brought upon himself the present penalty.* It is his too great indulgence and unwise carelessness that have led to all such charges of abuse of power, love of authority, show, of vanity, etc., etc."
"* For years the wise rule by which any member accused of backbiting or slander was expelled from the Society after sufficient evidence-has become obsolete. There have been two or three solitary cases of expulsion for the same in cases of members of no importance. Europeans of position and name were allowed to cover the Society literally with mud and slander their Brothers with perfect impunity. This is the President's Karma-and it is just. "
""XIV. The Society having to deal only with scientific and philosophical subjects, and having Branches in different parts of the world under various forms of Government, does not permit its members, as such, to interfere with politics, and repudiates any attempt on the part of anyone to commit it in favor or against any political party or measure. Violation of this rule will meet with expulsion." "

1. Now I wonder, whether our forum will seek to follow the above vein of thought or another one?
2. And if another one will that involve the allowance of political exchanges and non-opposition to dogmatism and fanatism -and lack of contrast to Christianity's Churches and the doctrine of the Christian leaders?

3. Will this forum Theos-talk be an expression of the Original Programe as it was given in 1875-1891 or another kind of expression? 
4. If, so, which one, and why such a difference?

5. Will this forum activate the Psychological Key to the Secret Doctrine by expanding on the theosophical teachings by comparative studying of the Science of Psychology and Mind Control in an Esoterical Light? 
6. If not why not?

I just ask. And I also ask your consciences.

(Now I will wait patiently - and listen to the Voice of Silence (smile.)....thundering thorugh all the theosophical branches...or almost all of them.)

M. Sufilight

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  Subject: theos-talk I Have Emailed Eldon Tucker the following

  Sun, August 8, 2010 7:18:33 AM

  To ELDON: What is going on?

  Hi Eldon,

  What is going on with theos-talk?


  Please don't ignore this.



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