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Ancient African Wisdom

Aug 06, 2010 05:32 AM
by Cass Silva

The pupil is generally taught that the manifestations are three
in number. Namely:
 1. Universal Mind.
 2. Universal Force.
 3. Universal Substance or Matter.
But really there are but two manifestations, Mind and Matter.
What we call Force is not a separate manifestation. It is simply
certain of the lowest, or grosser grades of Mind. Force is sim-
ply that portion of Mind which endows Matter with Form. It is
that portion of mind which transmits the idea of Form to the
higher grades where Consciousness dwells. Let the pupil think
and he must see that this is so. Colour, size, shape, what are
they? Simply light vibrations which when passed on to the Con-
sciousness give the idea of Form. And what is vibration? It is
Force. Heat, cold, hardness,softness, varieties of taste and
smell are all vibrations, and therefore also Force. If you make
Force a separate manifestation, then also you must make those
planes of Mind which transfer the ideas of passion or emotion,
separate manifestations.


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