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Re: theos-talk Action needed

Aug 05, 2010 05:42 AM
by Erica L. Georgiades

Yesterday I read on Washington Post that, Lula the Brazilian President, already 
requested to the President of Iran to release her and give her asylum in Brazil. 
The request of the President of Brazil was denied. 


From: nhcareyta <>
Sent: Thu, August 5, 2010 3:32:23 PM
Subject: theos-talk Action needed

Dear All

Perhaps some wealthy Adyar Society Brazilian members can bring additional 
pressure to bear on their President to address this outrageous issue?

"Dear Friends, 

Global pressure on Iran has saved Sakineh from death by stoning, but within days 
she could still be hanged. More pressure from leaders in Brazil and Turkey, 
Iran's allies, are Sakineh's last hope. Donate below to fund an emergency ad 
campaign in Brazil and Turkey in the next 72 hours: 

Sakineh Ashtiani could be executed for adultery in Iran in the next few days, 
but two men could still save her -- the leaders of Brazil and Turkey.

President Lula and Prime Minister Erdo&#287;an are powerful allies and mediators 
with Iran who enjoy great respect there, and both countries have condemned the 
case. Now, we need to push them to deploy all their diplomatic forces and 
persuade Iran to free Sakineh and stop stoning forever. 

Avaaz is launching an emergency ad campaign in influential newspapers in Turkey 
and Brazil urging them to press Iran for clemency and justice. The ads will 
deliver our half-million strong petition, reach political circles and directly 
appeal to Lula's and Erdo&#287;an's leadership and moral authority. If 5,000 of 
us donate even a small amount in the next 72 hours, we'll make a powerful 
statement before it's too late. This may be Sakineh's last hope -- click here to 
chip in:

Sakineh's sentence is a farcical travesty of justice. She was sentenced to death 
by stoning for allegedly having relations with other men -- years after her 
husband had passed away, despite stoning having been outlawed in Iran, and 
despite her not being able to speak the language of her trial. Her two children 
launched a campaign to save her life, and generated a worldwide uproar, 
including over 554,000 Avaaz members. Feeling the pressure, the Iranian 
government revoked the stoning, but the execution sentence stands.

Tension has been rising in Iran since the Sakineh case gained attention -- the 
regime has threatened to arrest her children for speaking out and has issued an 
arrest warrant against Sakineh's lawyer. He has now gone into hiding and his 
family-members have been rounded-up.

But Lula and Erdo&#287;an have great respect in Iran and can influence the 
regime. And they listen to us. Lula had said that he would not get involved in 
this case. But after an aide brought his attention to the massive online 
campaign, he changed his mind, offering Sakineh asylum and prompting Iranian 
authorities to announce that the case would be quickly resolved. We know Lula 
listens to Avaaz campaigns -- in the last year, despite powerful opposition, 
members in Brazil have helped persuade Lula to sign off on a law to protect the 
Amazon and a bold anti-corruption law.

During the last two weeks, over 554,000 of us have signed the petition to Save 
Sakineh and end stoning in Iran. We only have days left to persuade Lula and 
Erdo&#287;an to act -- and it may be our last chance to save Sakineh. Let's each 
pitch in a small amount and make sure they hear our call to leadership:

Sakineh's case has outraged the entire world by the sheer scale of its brutal, 
nonsensical injustice. But in our fight for one woman we make a powerful 
statement about women, and people, everywhere. In standing up for one person, we 
stand up for everyone's right to justice.

Sakineh's children's have sent out a last plea: "Do not allow our nightmare 
become a reality, Today, when nearly all options have reached dead-ends, we 
resort to you. Please help our mother return home!" Click here to answer their 
call, and get Erdo&#287;an and Lula to do the same:

With hope and determination,

Alice, Pascal, Alice W, Ricken, David, and the Avaaz Team 


The Guardian, "Iran stoning woman offered asylum by Brazil's President Lula":";


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