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Re: theos-talk Elijah Crow â The Silence of the Mind

Aug 04, 2010 08:34 PM
by Cass Silva

I would say, more Gurdgieff than Krishnamurti, although Krishnamurti advocated 
living in the now, without prejudice from the past. It's all about silencing 
the noisy mind from its constant mental chatter.


>From: MKR <>
>Sent: Thu, 5 August, 2010 5:10:41 AM
>Subject: Re: theos-talk Elijah Crow â The Silence of the Mind
>The 'void' he is talking about seems to be same as what Jiddu Krishnamurti
>has been discussing. May be some others would jump in and share their
>By the way, in what language did Crow write his book?
>On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 7:55 AM, Witnessing Presence <
>> wrote:
>> I would like to share an unknown enlightened mystic - Elijah Crow â The
>> Silence of The Mind, have just finished translating his book
>> Elijah Crow does not belong to any nonduality lineage or tradition, his is
>> a personal expression and experience of nonduality.
>> Read the whole book here
>> The Power of Emptiness
>> The "void" or " psychological emptiness" is a strange
>> phenomenon,
>> It appears spontaneously, in the pause between two
>> thoughts,
>> As the old thought ends its course and disappears,
>> Its end is the gate, natural silence ensues.
>> Insist in being with it, as much as you can,
>> The mind is completely silent, we are attentive â a clear
>> consciousness,
>> All meanings, boundaries disappear â us and the Infinite
>> are "One";
>> Practically, we have a new mind â always fresh.
>> Being in the pause â I become infinite!
>> It separates two worlds. I leave the limited world
>> And enter Boundlessness, through total melting;
>> The whole being is calm â a constant sparkle.
>> There is no time, no space â just everlasting Eternity;
>> I move in direct contact with life, in a permanent present.
>> I am Pure Energy, without motivations,
>> The simplicity of existence integrates us completely.
>> We really encounter Life only through this "now",
>> Free from the old, we are able to embrace the new.
>> All this beauty vanishes, when another thought appears,
>> It comes from the knowing mind â an old recording.
>> Let it play its game, do not oppose any resistance,
>> Encounter it as it is, without any purpose,
>> It will certainly disappear, and "emptiness" ensues again,
>> Another opportunity to encounter it practically.
>> We find the real meaning of Life through this "void",
>> It is a boundary line between the two worlds:
>> On the one side the limited, where the "ego" is the
>> master.
>> On the other, the Infinite, where Love is the master.
>> Emptiness also separates Light from the darkness,
>> The permanent chaos through struggle, contradictions and
>> conflicts,
>> From the harmonious being, equilibrium and joy;
>> The whole egocentrism perishes, by encountering the
>> void.
>> Peace, divine order becomes our nature
>> It changes our way of being, without effort or will,
>> Only through this psychological void, we become honest
>> and humane,
>> The Purity of the Energy â makes titans out of pigmies .
>> Let this "psychological emptiness" be your guide,
>> In everything you encounter on your spiritual path.
>> If it is not the starting point, we easily get deceived,
>> Only through emptiness â we become Love!
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