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Re: theos-talk World Peace & Yoga Jubilee

Aug 01, 2010 05:33 PM
by Cass Silva

What's interesting about it? Sounds like a sunday sermon to me. If 
theosophists are serious about changing the world they had better move away from 
this warm and cuddly new age blanket and get real.
>From: MKR <>
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>Sent: Sun, 1 August, 2010 9:46:23 AM
>Subject: theos-talk World Peace & Yoga Jubilee
>Her is an interesting msg I received from Dr. Tuttle. Some here may be
>Summer Greetings! This is being described as the hottest year on record...
>The Earth and her creatures and future generations appreciate our increasing
>awareness and compassion.
>We're now in northern California, and our upcoming schedule includes
>presentations here in Grass Valley, Milpitas, Fremont, Healdsburg, Santa
>Rosa, Berkeley, Davis, and Sacramento. We'll be heading to southern CA at
>the end of the month, and thence to Las Vegas, Sedona, Prescott,
>Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, and Wichita, and on to Cincinnati for one of our
>big events of the year, The World Peace & Yoga Jubilee October 24 weekend,
>where we'll be holding a World Peace Diet Facilitators' Training as part of
>this important event that ties together yoga, spirituality, veg and vegan
>living, and world peace:
>An amazing gathering of speakers, and a beautiful, sacred space where we can
>immerse ourselves in what we believe is the most vital work of our time -
>please consider joining us!
>Just back from Switzerland, where local, organic, and humane are the order
>of the day, and have written a blog post about it that may be relevant to
>our food conversations. Have a look:
>Deep thanks to the many people who have helped facilitate the recent events
>in northern CA (Clear Lake, Middletown (Harbin Springs), Jamestown, Mill
>Valley, Rohnert Park, San Ramon, Grass Valley, Sacramento, and French
>Meadows), as well as in Cincinnati & Switzerland, and the many internet and
>radio events as well.
>Let us know if you'd like to sponsor an event in your area. Here's the link
>to our tour schedule:
>Thanks for your efforts to promote peace, justice, freedom, and joy for
>That's it for now,
>Will & Madeleine
>Visit to find out more about The World Peace Diet
>Visit to sign up for Will's Veg Inspiration For The
>Visit for our original music and art.
>Visit to participate in The Prayer Circle for
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