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Re: theos-talk This weeks New Teaching

Aug 01, 2010 05:11 PM
by Cass Silva

Is this an extract from the Indian you interviewed Martin? - he seems like a bit 
of a nutter to me. Also, one could not take the Boddhisatva vow until one was 
fully cognizant on whatÂthe vow stood for, soÂtherefore anyone suggesting the 
vow has been taken is seriously delusional.Â


>From: Martin <>
>Sent: Sat, 31 July, 2010 9:33:18 PM
>Subject: theos-talk This weeks New Teaching
>When you have done the Bodhisattva Vow, you have condemned yourself to stay 
>with Humanity one way or another till the end of time. One way or the other 
>means, in the flesh, in the Astral, or any other place neighboring Humanity of 
>Now imagine for instance you are in the flesh again, like so many times 
> need to train yourself everytime in new circumstances, this 
>Humanity creates for you...adapting to different states of mentality, from the 
>drunk up to an equal and sometimes, when there is a Buddha around, you also 
>adapt. Martin, Buddha's cannot be in the flesh, since a Buddha is not restricted 
>to the physical......huh? Why did they call Gautama a Buddha then? He became one 
>when He left did He make the Bodhisattva Vow? Probably yes?... then He was 
>cheating lol.
>Did you make a Bodhisattva Vow, Martin?... you must be kidding me, hahaha, I am 

>not even on a probation chela not even a first degree initiate, 
>hahaha...I do like Humanity though except I cannot stay here longer than my 
>Mission lasts, have to go back Home...unless I get different instructions from 
>Within... So you are not Human then? only apparently and temporarely...tempo 
>rarely Not again in that language joke please OMG!... no, it is getting 
>uh...uuuuh, bo...- ring...the Presjcjiousj? shut up Golem, you were not invited 

>into this conversation with, with...with? Sjmeagol sjaisj Masjter isj 
>funny......forget about it will you both?
>Martin please enlighten us a bit about your Mission then? ok, ok...I was wande 
>ring, shut up Golem...butsj, I wasjn't sjaying anythingsj?...never mind, where 
>was I? ...wandering about this Universe and spotted this tiny Planet. Some 
>crazy Kumara came within my Spiritual reach and told me The Earth was the Star 
>of Suffering...and this Kumara was asked to reign over mean 
>Lucifer?Sanat Kumara? dunno, (S)He was still a teen, seventeen or so, but 
>anyway I asked Him why this tiny Planet had so much to carry, since it was only 

>a little tiny Planet? The Kumara said: because this world is the beginning of 
>Life, This Universe Natures onto that Planet, so Its Beings can Mature on it 
>through a species called Humanity. Is that proper English, to Nature, I asked? 
>Well it in fact means being born...Ah, I see, I replied. How can I now be of a 
>little support to you? You can only, the Kumara said, because you are much too 
>heavy, you have to delegate some of your Energy into groups of Humans, which I 
>will then Initiate so they become the new Torchbearers of Human Life. But what 
>about me then, I asked. You just act like the most ignorant Thomas ever, since 
>that will provoke people to become enlightened...Lol, I cried out loud, that is 

>a funny Joke, accepted...when do I start? You already have, the Kumara said 
>wisely...Hey Bro, I continued, what can I do to support you in your Own World? 
>Well we are almost finished here on Venus, so about to go to Sleep, you can 
>support us by taking over the reign of Earth for a while...Lol, trying to fool 
>me like Atlas did once with Hercules? Nooo, I am no Atlas, the Kumara said, 
>please do reign a bit over Earth, one day a Bodhisattva will be born Who will 
>take over, and then Earth has earned itself a real Leader, like I am on 
>Venus...hmm, ok then, but not much time left for me here, since this body I 
>have will only last 49 years more...They will invent artificial endorfines on 
>earth and fill the air with it, killing the unready and improving the length of 

>Lifes of the Enlightened Ones...The Illuminati? Lol, no, they are doomed, the 
>Real people of course...ow, and how long do I have to stay on that planet then? 

>Time doesn't matter to you, does it? No that is true, but enduring pain is 
>different than enduring freedom...You don't Mind, the Kumara said...ok, ok, 
> last question...why did you call for me? We have our day with Us, as I 

>said before, we are at the end of evolution on Venus and then like any planet, 
>we get a Surprise from Space...Ah...I get it...well enjoy my endurance here 
>then as long as it takes :-)
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