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Re: theos-talk Tunnels of the Inca - Hundreds of Miles Long - Jul 18, 2010

Aug 01, 2010 08:56 AM
by Augoeides-222

Wow! Thanks for the post. Yeah there are the tunnels there. In 1976-77 the UFO Experiencer we sent to Peru and Bolivia to Tiahuanaco for Quantum Elevatin of mind Nous exp. 4 after the Transformation in the extraordinary consciousness state he indicated certain stone on the Temple of Kalasaya that when lifted from their station would reveal vertical shafts that descend to the tunnels. The Ancient Tiahuanacan's middle period of their culture was dated by Prof. Arthuro Posnansky (the authentic "cataloger" of the Tiahuanaco sites) at 15,538 years BC using the standard formula. He never deciphered the enigmatic Glyphs, Hans Schindler Bellamy and Peter Allen (a professional Astronomer) succeeded decades later. Here are sone data about the tunnel distances and coordinates mentioned your post: 

The Corichancha Temple ( the High Altar of Viracocha) sited atop the Fortress of Sacsayhuaman 

Google Earth 

13 30 32.70 S 

71 58 58.34 W 

>From Coriconcha to the Monastery of Santa Catalina is 198.95 mi. 

Monastery of Santa Catalina 

Google Earth 

16 23 44.46 S 

71 32 12.11 W 

Ila Peru is 88. 95 mi. from the Monastery of Santa Catalina 

Google Earth 

17 41 28.33 S 

71 21 42.83 W 

Total distance from Coriconcha Temple of the tunnel to Ila Peru is approximate 287.9 mi. 

Harold T. Wilkins wrote som great Books: 

Secret Cities of Old South America, 1950 Rider & Co., London 

Flying Saucers on the Attack, 1954, Citadel Press, Lib/Congress Card # 54-10761 

Flying Saucers Uncensored, 1955, Citadel Press, Lib/Congress Cad # 55-11618 

Mysteries of Ancient South America, 1956, Citadel Press. ISBN # 0-8065-0416-1 

and 13 other Books. There are lots of maps in his South America books . 

The UFO Experiencer I knew for over 33 year passed on Jan. 20th, 2009. His ture story of his transformations at Tiahuanaco in Dec. 21, 1976 and June 21,1977 is fully documented in a 715 page Book: 

The Transformation of a COMMON MAN - The Brian Scott Story, 2002, 1st Books, by James E. Frazier ISBN # 0- 7596-3994-9 paperback had 5 Star ratings on 

>>> <<< Customer Reviews of the Book 


Thanks again for the post and the Blavatsky collected works link etc. great stuff ,love it. 


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Dear friends 

Mu views are: 

Here is maybe something interesting for you...I just came across it and felt that I would like to share it here. 

Tunnels of the Inca: As Tall as a Man, and Hundreds of Miles Long 
"When Mme. Blavatsky, famous 19th century European "medium" visited Peru, she viewed and concurred with the information regarding the markings on the Ila monolith. She also asserted that information regarding the entrances to the tunnels had been graven in the walls of the "Sun Temple" (Qoricancha) at Cuzco. It is reported that Mme. Blavatsky received a chart of the tunnels, from an old Indian, when she visited Lima. This chart now reposes in the Adyar, India, archives of the Theosophical Society. 

In volume 1 of Isis Unveiled, pp. 595-98, HPB makes reference to such a tunnel, and says: We have in our possession an accurate plan of the tunnel, the sepulchre and the doors, given to us at the time by the old Peruvian, and there does exist in the TS Archives at Adyar, a three page document showing a number of coastal towns along what was then Bolivia and Peru, which is reproduced in the Theosophical Publishing House edition of Isis Unveiled and in vol. 2 of the Blavatsky Collected Writings series, pp. 339-43, attached to her article "A Land of Mystery." 

Tunnels of the Inca: As Tall as a Man, and Hundreds of Miles Long - Jul 18, 2010 Brien Foerster 

The Old Lady is still kicking and alive...(smile.) 

M. Sufilight 

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