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Theosofest to show off a Masonic Ritual to the Public

Jul 31, 2010 08:08 PM
by MKR

Theosofest to show off a Masonic Ritual to the Public

In the program of the Theosofest scheduled for 9/11/2010 at Wheaton, I was
surprised to find a Public Co-masonic ritual listed. It is the Lodge of
Remembrance ritual.

In all the years I have been around the Co-masons (most of whom are
theosophists), I have not seen this ritual being open to the public.

As everyone knows, the co-masons in the USA severed their long-held  ties to
the Paris based co-masonic organization and became independent. This may be
an attempt to open-up co-masonic rituals to the public and show off their
colorful ritual garbs in the hope that they can recruit new members using
the event.

Is it possible that it is the beginning of a trend to slowly reveal the
secrecy of the rituals, much like ancient wisdom was revealed to the modern
world. I hope the organizers have alerted the local TV and news media, which
would be eager to cover such an event.


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