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World Peace & Yoga Jubilee

Jul 31, 2010 04:46 PM
by MKR

Her is an interesting msg I received from Dr. Tuttle. Some here may be



Summer Greetings! This is being described as the hottest year on record...
The Earth and her creatures and future generations appreciate our increasing
awareness and compassion.

We're now in northern California, and our upcoming schedule includes
presentations here in Grass Valley, Milpitas, Fremont, Healdsburg, Santa
Rosa, Berkeley, Davis, and Sacramento. We'll be heading to southern CA at
the end of the month, and thence to Las Vegas, Sedona, Prescott,
Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, and Wichita, and on to Cincinnati for one of our
big events of the year, The World Peace & Yoga Jubilee October 24 weekend,
where we'll be holding a World Peace Diet Facilitators' Training as part of
this important event that ties together yoga, spirituality, veg and vegan
living, and world peace:
An amazing gathering of speakers, and a beautiful, sacred space where we can
immerse ourselves in what we believe is the most vital work of our time -
please consider joining us!

Just back from Switzerland, where local, organic, and humane are the order
of the day, and have written a blog post about it that may be relevant to
our food conversations. Have a look:

Deep thanks to the many people who have helped facilitate the recent events
in northern CA (Clear Lake, Middletown (Harbin Springs), Jamestown, Mill
Valley, Rohnert Park, San Ramon, Grass Valley, Sacramento, and French
Meadows), as well as in Cincinnati & Switzerland, and the many internet and
radio events as well.
Let us know if you'd like to sponsor an event in your area. Here's the link
to our tour schedule:

Thanks for your efforts to promote peace, justice, freedom, and joy for

That's it for now,

Will & Madeleine

Visit to find out more about The World Peace Diet
Visit to sign up for Will's Veg Inspiration For The
Visit for our original music and art.
Visit to participate in The Prayer Circle for

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