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Re: Theos-World Vegetarianism coming mainstream?

Jul 30, 2010 08:21 AM
by Drpsionic

Don't hold your breath.
Chuck the heretic  

In a message dated 7/30/2010 8:55:13 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

Vegetarianism coming mainstream?

This weekend, the only daughter of  former President Bill Clinton is getting
married. I was delighted to read  about the vegetarian food catered at the
wedding. Many theosophists would  be glad to hear about it and hopefully
there would be trickle down effect  and in time it is hoped vegetarianism
will become mainstream. Here is what  an article states:

âChelsea Clintonâs super-secret upstate New York  wedding to Marc Mezvinsky
this Saturday will feature a vegan menu and a  gluten-free cake. The couple
will throw at least one bone to meat eaters,  though, by serving up some
organic grass-fed beef.

While  all-alternative banquet menus are still relatively rare â caterers 
they  account for just a small sliver of the pie, or cake, as it were â  
requests are on the rise, a trend that is likely to continue in the  wake of
the fo_rmer first daughterâs wedding.

âThis will empower  people to make these requests,â says Grace Clerihew, a
principal at Table  Tales, a New York City catering firm. âPrior to this,
they might have  thought it was not mainstream enough to even talk about, 
now that they  see it being done by such a public persona it  becomes

Chelsea likely chose her menu based on both  personal preferences and health
needs â she is said to have been vegan  since her teen years and to have a
gluten allergy â but her wedding menu  should have a trickle-down effect
nonetheless, says Clerihew.â

Read  full story at:


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