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Re: Theos-World Re: Comments on Independence and impartiality

Jul 28, 2010 07:30 PM
by Cass Silva

I'll tell you why Katinka, it was hijacked by politics. I have posted several 
questions regarding theosophical study which were ignored. 

>From: Spirituality <>
>Sent: Wed, 28 July, 2010 10:00:38 PM
>Subject: Theos-World Re: Comments on Independence and impartiality
>Hi MKR,
>That's great to hear, but not really what people are concerned about I think.
>Let's go back a bit. At the Theosophical World Congress, and through email in 
>the days after it, several people expressed their concern to me that your 
>management of theos-talk was not impartial. That is: you have sensored people 
>who had perfectly decent contributions to make (Preetthi and Govert and perhaps 
>more) and seemed informed extraordinarily quickly of any movement on the part of 
>Radha/Pedro etc. 
>Hearing that, and thinking that Eldon was still ultimately in charge of this 
>list, I asked him to use his authority to get the list back on track, or close 
>it. Whichever he preferred. He probably contacted you - and the below is your 
>Personally I don't give a darn whether you make money on theosophy or not. 
>Obviously it is easier to be critical for those who aren't in the employ of the 
>TS, but that doesn't mean that those who aren't - are necessarily impartial. 
>They're just financially independent of the TS - which is the situation for most 
>of us here. 
>For me, and several of my correspondents - the question is: why has theos-talk 
>stopped being the open forum it used to be? 
>And more specifically: how come you use several email addresses to post on here? 
>What are you trying to hide? In fact, the speculation has come up that MKR hides 
>several people on several continents. 
>Now I'm all for freedom and would have preferred for to 
>stay open for everybody and the search engines. Glad some of us set up 
> last year: it IS open (just checked). 
>However, I'm also all for accountability. The internet gives us all the 
>opportunity to hide behind screen names and loose all fairness in the process. 
>No need to be polite or just when nobody knows who you are. 
>Now - in case this gets censored - I will be saving the text of this on my pc. I 
>don't really want to post it elsewhere, but I do think the below has made a 
>response necessary. 
>I will also be deleting any links to theos-talk on my own sites BTW as it 
>doesn't seem like this forum serves any purpose to the theosophical movement any 
>Best wishes,
>Katinka Hesselink
>Disclosure: The Dutch TS paid me for their recent redesign, so I guess I'm not 
>independent by your definition. That hasn't stopped me from speaking out where I 
>see fit though.
>--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
>> All organized entities such as governments, business corporations, spiritual
>> organizations, and even individual leaders and politicians are always on the
>> look out for opportunities to influence the individuals such as membership
>> and even media people to either keep them in line or influence them to act
>> or write in ways supporting the activities and action of the organizations
>> and its leaders or even act as catÃââs paws to handle touchy issues. Many
>> times, clever individuals and leaders will stay back in the background and
>> let others do their dirty work.
>> In organizations, range of techniques used may be outright giving money
>> grants, reimbursing the travel expenses, offer platforms to lecture or write
>> or even help them to move up in the leadership ladder. In theosophical
>> circles, due to the common membership in other officially unconnected
>> organizations, the fear of paying a price will keep writers and lecturers in
>> line with official wishes.
>> The reason why I bring this up is because it is necessary to clarify my
>> personal position in all activities and writings related to theosophical and
>> other issues. Firstly, as I have mentioned several times before, I maintain
>> my independence because of several reasons. I am not looking forward to hold
>> any elected office in future and I have an independent lively hood which
>> does not depend on TS or any of its members. Also in the past I have never
>> received any manner of financial support from TS or any of its members.
>> I am reiterating the above so that the newbees are very clear as to where I
>> come from and the independence gives some credibility to what I write on
>> this and other theosophical forums. In todayÃââs Internet environment,
>> transparent and open clarification of the independence issue is good for
>> anyone in the cyberspace - writers, participants, website owners, website
>> operators etc. I hope the above clarification helps.
>> MKR
>> There is No Religion Higher Than Truth
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