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Comments on Independence

Jul 27, 2010 07:54 PM
by MKR

All organized entities such as governments, business corporations, spiritual
organizations, and even individual leaders and politicians are always on the
look out for opportunities to influence the individuals such as membership
and even media people to either keep them in line or influence them to act
or write in ways supporting the activities and action of the organizations
and its leaders or even act as catâs paws to handle touchy issues. Many
times, clever individuals and leaders will stay back in the background and
let others do their dirty work.

In organizations, range of techniques used may be outright giving money
grants, reimbursing the travel expenses, offer platforms to lecture or write
or even help them to move up in the leadership ladder. In theosophical
circles, due to the common membership in other officially unconnected
organizations, the fear of paying a price will keep writers and lecturers in
line with official wishes.

The reason why I bring this up is because it is necessary to clarify my
personal position in all activities and writings related to theosophical and
other issues. Firstly, as I have mentioned several times before, I maintain
my independence because of several reasons. I am not looking forward to hold
any elected office in future and I have an independent lively hood which
does not depend on TS or any of its members. Also in the past I have never
received any manner of financial support from TS or any of its members.

I am reiterating the above so that the newbees are very clear as to where I
come from and the independence gives some credibility to what I write on
this and other theosophical forums. In todayâs Internet environment,
transparent and open clarification of the independence issue is good for
anyone in the cyberspace - writers, participants, website owners, website
operators etc. I hope the above clarification helps.


There is No Religion Higher Than Truth

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