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Karma on a Planetary scale

Jul 22, 2010 07:53 PM
by Cass Silva

	1. The Karma of Islam presents as the Himalayas are heaved up higher producing 
an earthquake in Pakistan and Afghanistan this year (2005) with 40,000 killed, 
and this was part of the heaving. Also part of the Karma of Islamic states was 
the huge Tsunami of Boxing Day 2004. This would have been short-term planetary 
Karma acting on Islam for the Jihad against the United States, and the 3000 
killed on 9/11 (Sept, 11th 2001)
	2. Equally so the Karma of the British history of wars was being expressed 
mainly in two fashionsâ.firstly at sport. In the 1948 Olympics held in Britain 
she came only 12th with just 3 medals. Her soccer, cricket and rugby results 
through the years hardly have been any better. Secondly Karma is exacted on the 
British through their appalling weather.
	3. The Karma of the United Sates, which shares a soul with Britain, is also its 
weather, almost on a planetary scale with hurricanes that are increasing in 
their devastation.
	4. The Karma of France, since her catastrophic behaviour in WWII has been the 
harsh and cold responses to her overtures by her neighbours.
	5. The Karma of Spain resulting from her dreadful civil wars has been sustained 
terrorism out of all proportion with the population size.
	6. The good Karma of Poland is the progressive expansion of her frontiers and 
her mounting prosperity.
	7. And that of Germany has been favourably, the destruction of her dweller and 
unfavourably, her persistently high rate of unemployment.


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