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Downward Trend of TS membership outside India

Jul 21, 2010 07:30 AM
by MKR

We have talked about the steady decline in membership in Sections outside
India, whereas the membership in Indian Section is showing consistent growth
from year to year.

I have also mentioned how in the USA, during Doraâs time it was around 8,000
and now is less than half. This is in spite of many hard working, scholarly,
dedicated, competent, smart, men and women heading the Section. The Section
also has a lot of money in the bank and money cannot be the culprit.

In addition, the situation looks bad when longtime lodges (with valuable
properties) are closed at the initiative of TSA. Right now the closure of
the 75 year old Orlando lodge is in litigation and no one is talking. Only
information that we have heard is that the court was told that upto $100K of
TSA money may be spent on litigation. (Can anyone who knows, confirm or
refute this info?)

No one has done an in depth study of the decline in membership. Today, I was
shocked to find that NZ Section had about 1,800 members in 1992 and now has
less than half. The current General Secretary of the Section is a former
politician and he should know the significance of drop in membership and I
have not seen him discuss this important systemic problem on Internet or in
any of the General Council meetings.

I hope someone who has access to the statistical information and time and
skill, analyze the data to understand the trends so that some possible
attempt can be made to address the systemic underlying problem.


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