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Re; Canonizer topic "Theories of Consciousness" WHY the ABC theory doesn't fit under "reductive science" or "scientific method"

Jul 19, 2010 02:53 PM
by Leon Maurer

I thought some of you deep thinkers might find this of interest.  
For an even deeper look, check out: (NEW - with direct illustrations)

Hi Brent,

You ask: "Are you saying that some parts of your theory aren't experienceable, or sharable, or controllable or demonstrable in any way to others?'

I respond: No. What I am saying is that the ABC model is a new scientific paradigm that does not depend on any conventional physics?but which can be easily demonstrated by simple mind experiments and proven by rigorous causative logical analysis based on absolute fundamental principles, conservation laws, and reasonable propositions that consciousness (as the necessarily stationary detector/receiver/perceiver of vibratory image information, and the applier of directed willful intent) cannot be explained as an epiphenomena of any vibrating material substances, electrochemical processes, or energy fields...

Therefore, awareness and will, along with the subjective experience of qualia must be fundamental qualities of inert and unconditioned, yet infinitely potentially energetic, absolute (pre-cosmic) zero-point space. It also implies that the universe is a hologram, with all its structural and experiential information stored and transmitted through resonant EM fields of varying harmonic frequency phase orders. This is obvious, since it can be shown experimentally that all visual information of the entire cosmos converges as a hologram in every zero-point of view in 3-D space.

Further, this stationary aspect of each conscious POV is essential for us (as a fixed reference) to enable our instantaneous analog positional computation and judgments coordinating our body positions with holographic audio/visual mental images that correspond exactly with the objective 3-D outer world. Thus, a baseball fielder can instantaneously judge the ballistic trajectory of a fly ball and catch it on the run and jump. This implies that unconditioned consciousness is the fundamental nature of every zero-point?located everywhere in 3-space... And thus, all forms of matter are potentially conscious... Thereby, limiting the brain to serve only as the transponder (transformer, processor, converter, channel switcher, etc.) between the sense receptors and ZP conscious awareness, and as the similar transponder between the ZP conscious will (or intention) and the neuromuscular system... With all of it mediated, holographically, through the brain's EM field, coupled with the resonant higher order hyperspace fields of mind-memory, which are linked directly to conscious awareness and will (at their zero points of origin).

Thus, there is no separation between our individual self-consciousness and every other point of consciousness within the same reference frame (bounded by the highest order harmonic field surrounding that frame's ZP center of origin). Such fields, that interpenetrate and surround the body, would have to extend (at their highest harmonic level) at least as far as the visible universe. This, however, is limited only by the finite resolution of our physical visual sense mechanisms?although, our zero-point of consciousness, capable of spiritual discernment (in deep Samadhi meditation) of near infinite frequency modulations, can have no such finite limits.

BTW, the only way to really understand all this, since hyperspace information fields, along with consciousness and qualia are truly ineffable (and always will be)?is to subjectively experience their internal processes directly... By going into deep mind control meditation, such as explained in Patanjali's yoga aphorisms, while using my ZP field diagrams (along with my explanations of how consciousness actually works) as "seeds". It also helps to have some knowledge of how a hologram works?using the 2-D surface of those fields as the information media. When you can understand that a color can only be defined, transmitted, and detected as a particular wavelength of light (at any frequency phase order spectrum)?and that color is not a physical property of the object it reflects from or transmits through?then everything will become as clear as the color of a fresh strawberry or a stripe on an American flag (neither of which are made out of the same stuff). Therefore, its obvious that color cannot be a physical property of the brain?since our experience of a particular color is determined solely by our zero-point of perceptive consciousness discriminating its frequency/wave length. Thus, if a particular red is 675nm, any object reflecting that wavelength will be experienced as that shade of red (unless defects in the eye or the brain processing distorts or changes the frequency).

You also say: "The Representational Qualia theory predicts we will soon be 'effing' the ineffable, something many doubters are predicting will not be possible. Of course, when we eff the first qualia to all such doubters, their theory will be so falsified, that they must convert to our camp."

"Are you saying there is no way to do anything like this for the doubters of ABC?"

I respond: No. But, since ?effing? the ineffable means explaining in words or symbols what cannot be explained in such objective terms?such as the actual subjective experience of consciousness, i.e., what is the smell of a rose or the taste of honey? Therefore, I doubt if there can be such a thing as a physical (i.e., objective) representation of qualia (which is entirely a subjective experience).

I am also sure that?since such a theory totally contradicts the reality that there has never been any evidence of the physical representation in the brain of a color (or a qualia of any kind)?the recording and transmission of a particular color must be either as a modulated frequency in a radiant field, or as a chemical structure that reflects or transmits a particular wave length of light and absorbs all others. Consequently, there is a serious doubt in my mind that your representative qualia theory can ever be proved.

As for the ABC model... All current post modern physics and cosmic observations, are beginning to get closer and closer to a new paradigm of physics postulating a self generating cyclic physical universe, as part of a metaphysical cosmos, self created in an infinite beginningless and endless plenum that is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent... All of which more and more looks like the holographic principle and hyperspherical fractal field structure predicted by this ABC model... Which is based on infinite unconditioned consciousness, infinite spin momentum on infinite axial angles of fractal field involution, and evolution through resonant morphogenetic fields, which contain (in totality) infinite structural and experiential information, as holographic wave interference patterns on their spherical surfaces.

All any doubters of the ABC model have to do is prove that there is any other scientifically methodological way to explain the cause and nature of consciousness (awareness, will, qualia, thinking, knowing, creating, doing, etc.) along with fully describing the physical (and hyper or metaphysical) mechanisms linking it experientially (at the informational level) with mind, memory, brain, body, senses, world, etc. And after that, they would still have to unequivocally prove that evolution is based on random or chance mutation.

Until then (which I don't doubt will be long after I leave this world, if ever;-)?I will continue to stick to my guns, and keep on searching for the final proof that will convince everyone, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the only true deific principle or everlasting impersonal God, is the infinite consciousness of unconditioned Absolute Space itself.

Therefore, it's only this total cosmos that can be "The mind of God"?which both Hawking and Einstein hoped to read. However, in my ABC view, it's an open book... And, "The Word" is the first cyclically vibrating manifestation of the initial triune field of cosmogenesis?which contains, as holograms on its infinite multidimensional field circumferences, all the intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, or structural/experiential information accumulated from all its previous cycles of manifestation. Thus, everything and everyone is interconnected in a simple and complete model of phenomenal reality that can serve as a fundamental basis to explain anything?scientifically, philosophically, or religiously? With all of it being based on a fundamental law of cycles, inherent in original spin momentum, that governs all phenomenal existences (which includes infinite possible universes).

So, this ABC theory of cosmogonists, mind and consciousness, with virtually no explanatory gaps, will continue to stand, alone and apart from all other scientific or philosophical theories that contradict its basic premises and underlying fundamental principles. (Unless they can be unequivocally proven wrong.)


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