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Elections in NZ

Jul 19, 2010 05:55 AM
by MKR

As all of you know, the election of the new National President (General
Sccretary) of NZ Section is in progress. Due to bad luck, the current office
holder had, unexpectedly, take leave of absence due to health reasons. From
what I understand, there are three candidates running for the office. Not
much is known about them outside the section.

With the various issues facing the Sections around the world, elections like
this point to the need to develop leaders, so that competent and experienced
leaders are there to take over and get the sections going whenever a need
arises. Lack of planning can bring in surprises or even inexperienced
leaders taking over leadership and this cannot help any Section. Let us hope
all goes well for NZ and hope we all learn more as to what goes on there. It
is Internet world today.


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