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Kudos for Brazil Section

Jul 17, 2010 08:52 PM
by MKR

Kudos for Brazil Section

I understand that nearly 100 members from Brazil attended the recent World
Congress in Rome. It is very remarkable for this many members attending the
World Congress. This is very remarkable.

Initially, there was some misinformation that the travel expenses for some
of the members were paid for by the TS and/or met by some of the well-to-do
members implying that the high attendance was because someone paid their
travel expenses. This was found to be untrue and every member paid their own
way for attending the congress.

While the travel expenses of the leaders from many sections seem to be paid
by TS, even the General Secretary of the Brazil Section paid his own way.
The secret of to successful gathering of this many members seems to be the
personal interest taken by the General Secretary and the followup with
membership personally encouraging them to attend. Kudos for the achievement
of the Brazil leadership.

It appears that the representation from the American Section is a paltry
with less than a dozen members. Considering the number of members in the
American Section, this number is too small. Just it goes to show that the
leadership in the US did not do their work in drumming up membership

No intense personal followup was done by the leaders encouraging members to
attend the congress. On the other hand, I received several emails from
tourist company which arranged for the tour of Italy following the Congress.
We can understand the tour companyâs pecuniary interest in getting members
signed up for the tour. More members means more profit for the company.

I think Brazil is showing the way to other Section as to how trips such as
the World Congress trip should be organized. Every section can benefit from
the organizing experience of Brazil. If property implemented in every
section, the attendance in the next International Convention would be
phenomenal. Let us keep tuned and see what happens.


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