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NZ Election Developments

Jul 14, 2010 02:56 PM
by MKR

Recently one of the NZ TS members brought up the issue of the presidential
candidates discussing on Internet their candidature since members have scant
information about the candidates, their vision and their capabilities.

This is the normal pattern followed in almost all Sections and it gives a
distinct advantage to established inner circle and as I recall it, it is the
first time anyone in any Section has brought this anomaly in a democratic

I also am given to understand that the current National President of NZ has
warned that the election should not be discussed now and even going as far
as suggesting that the official NZ discussion site would be suspended if
discussion continues.

Internet has definitely changed the way discussions take place; in effect
moved the power from the leaders to the members,  since there are Internet
forums such as this outside the control of the organization for exchange of
views and discussions and broadcast of timely and correct information.

In the last International Election, which brought on a very serious crisis
in TS, next only to that of  Leadbeater crisis, everyone knows that Internet
saved TS by the critical role Internet played in keeping the membership
posted with current and correct factual information so that they can
exercise their franchise fully informed and with misinformation.

Let us wait and watch how things shape up in NZ elections.


PS: A few days ago, one of the candidates has posted a msg here indicating
his willingness to use the forum to discuss his candidacy. It is a welcome
sign of openness and willingness to interact with membership.

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