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Re: Theos-World Re: That old mahatma P.B. Randolph

Jul 14, 2010 08:00 AM
by Augoeides-222

Thanks for the links. One thing said in Borborka's very brief explanation was the mention of the Siddhi's of Hindu fame in regard to perfected Yoga "attainments" from the root "Sidh" to attain. I always found it a curious synchronicity that the neame of the Race of The Secret Commonwealth was the "Sidh" more commonly known as the Fairy's or Little people. hat book itself on the Quest Book site is offered for only $19.25 plus shipping and is the same number of pages as my 1966 copy. The "PDF" link was only for his 5 page later thumbnail of Blavatsky's exponents in regard to The Tulku. One needs to read the very much in depth survey of Tulku and Siddhi abilities prolithic throughout the work. 

There is a recent Documentary "The Unmistaken Child" that documents the search for the "Tulku" of a Tibetan master who passed to the other shore conducted by his Heart Disciple. In it are shown the tests by the senior Tibetan monks to include the Dalai lama himself. It is a true story I witnesses content I never have previously seen in the DVD. 

The Unmistaken Child" 


The Kingdom of the Sidhe 


another correlative work is "Secret Oral Teachings in Tibetan Buddhists Sects" by Alexandra David-Neel and Lama Yongden in which the stream of consciousness and the 
"center's of force" that Blavatsky also makes comment upon are delved into nicely dovetailing with Borborka's Tibet and Tulku. Kunji namparsheshpa. In the Unmistaken Child the search for the Tulku has an aspect in relation to the centre's of force that were primary to the Guru of the heart disciple who passed on that recollect in the new incarnation that was found. 

Secret oral Teachings 


All the reference i give relate to Consciousness and it's interfaces with our common lower mindedness relative to the more subtle forms of consciousness that present. 


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Here is it: 

Do Thi Thuan 

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I tried to find H.P.Blavatsky, Tibet and Tulku online version, but couldnt. 

Thanks for responses and insights, now there is more flesh around the story. 


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> Marko, John, 

> Hmmm, I seem to recall having read that in Tibet in certain orders the monk is taught to sit in meditation in a dark room with a single candle ( and a mirror in front of him?) while at the same time having a magnet suspended over his head. I don't remember the source, it may have been H.P.Blavatsky Tibet and Tulku. Copper is electro-magnetic and "Faraday Cages" are used in science to create a barrier to intrusions of outside radiations as isolation chambers so there can be multiple uses of copper. The "Great Golden Sun" of the Inca's was said to have been "Mirror" shaped, the Spanish never found it. It is still sought after today. The Rosecrucians are said to use a triangular pillar in the ceremonial room upon which they invoke spirits, genii, elemental's which are constrained to the pillar by magical circle and signs for the purpose of oracle, communications, and other reasons. 


> John 

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> > "These 'magic mirrors,' generally black, are another 

> > proof of the universality of an identical belief. In 

> > India these mirrors are prepared in the province of 

> > Agra and are also fabricated in Thibet and China. And 

> > we find them in Ancient Egypt, from whence, according 

> > to the native historian quoted by Brasseur de 

> > Bourbourg, the ancestors of the Quiches brought them 

> > to Mexico; the Peruvian sun&#64979;worshippers also 

> > used it. When the Spaniards had landed, says the 

> > historian, the King of the Quiches, ordered his 

> > priests to consult the mirror, in order to learn the 

> > fate of his kingdom." 


> Im also interested by this topic. Mahatma letters (127) speaks briefly about the copper wall room, Randolp's Seership explains it in more details and earlier than Mahatma letters. Now is there any way to trace, where they both got this method? Or was it solely an invention of Randolph? Copper mirrors used like Swedenborg mirrors are common practice, but the combination of triangle executors, magnet above head, north orientation and insulation from earth is something I've seen only on these two sources. When I tried to search if there really are temples with such dark rooms, I found none so far, but maybe someone of you knows more. 


> I also read from my finnish translation of Mahatma letters 127, that it is written in Sinnetts handwriting. Has someone investigated surroundings and history of the letter? 


> -Marko 





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