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World Congress - Rome - Some thoughts

Jul 13, 2010 06:05 AM
by ramadoss226

With live streaming of the sessions, for the first time in the history
of World Congress, many members around the world were able to watch and
enjoy the proceedings. The quality of the streaming was good even though
some improvements can be made. There could be some introduction before
the start of the sessions as well as the quality of the sound need to be
improved. I hope this is a precursor and the International Conventions
in India are streamed from now on. India now has necessary infra
structure to stream live to the extent even weddings are routinely
streamed for the benefit of family and friends who live in other
continents and could not travel.

I am looking forward to two additional improvements in regard to the
proceedings. Firstly, if the sessions streamed are archived, then anyone
in future can view them at any time from anywhere. Secondly, the texts
of the proceedings also should be made available for download as pdf
files. Every effort that can be made to make information available
cannot but help theosophy and TS.

MKR   [:o)]

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