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venus and copper

Jul 11, 2010 09:38 AM
by Duane Carpenter

It is common occult knowledge that their is a relationship between planets 
devas, principals and certain colors, sounds geometry and number. All mystery 
schools if they a have element of legitimacyÂteach these truths upon first 
This idea can equallyÂbe said of metals. Venus relates to the metal copper 
in many alchemical texts just as iron to mars and gold to the sun. It has been 
said that a wall, room or enclosureÂbuilt of a certain geometric or polyhedral 
design and faced with any of these metals increases the potential vibration of 
the meditation. I say potential since this work is largely carried out on the 
mental plane and above and cannot rely solely on external props however 
elaborate. Â
 HPB said quite a few things in her esoteric writings on this subject and can 
be found scattered through her works like pearls just waiting for the serious 
ÂÂstudent to investigate. The law of correspondence and the law of analogy take 
the serious student through a labyrinth of endless details and help create a 
golden thread that winds its way back to the Masters AshramÂif coupled with 
meditation and selfless service.
Best Duane

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It might interest others to know that many years ago Ingo Swann was a principal 
figure in the US Governments "Remote Viewing " research project. Ingo was also 
an Artist who frequented the Scientology "Celebrity Center" on the near west 
side of L.A., he was also a Scientology "Clear". I met him very casually at the 
Celebrity Center in the latter 1970's . He was versed in the special Scientology 
exercises that help in developing remote viewing abilities which was probably 
why the Government made use of his talents. Ref. Scientology 0-8088 for listing 
of thumbnails on the exercises. 

Ingo created what he called "Subliminal Art", the interesting style was that you 
had to contemplate the canvas, and slowly before your eyes objective form begins 
appeared helped by your mind's assembling the subtely cloaked forms on the 
canvas in pastel tones, I was impressed at it's novelty. 

I will look into his book, thanks. 
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Subject: Theos-World Re: That old mahatma P.B. Randolph 

--- In , MKR <mkr777@...> wrote: 
> It would be educative to hear from anyone who had first hand experience with 
> any of the techniques. 

There is one interesting first hand experience made recently by Ingo Swann:
 Chapter 18 and on. 

> MKR 
> On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 9:07 AM, <Augoeides-222@...> wrote: 
> > 
> > 
> > Marko, John, 
> > Hmmm, I seem to recall having read that in Tibet in certain orders the monk 
> > is taught to sit in meditation in a dark room with a single candle ( and a 
> > mirror in front of him?) while at the same time having a magnet suspended 
> > over his head. I don't remember the source, it may have been H.P.Blavatsky 
> > Tibet and Tulku. Copper is electro-magnetic and "Faraday Cages" are used in 
> > science to create a barrier to intrusions of outside radiations as isolation 

> > chambers so there can be multiple uses of copper. The "Great Golden Sun" of 
> > the Inca's was said to have been "Mirror" shaped, the Spanish never found 
> > it. It is still sought after today. The Rosecrucians are said to use a 
> > triangular pillar in the ceremonial room upon which they invoke spirits, 
> > genii, elemental's which are constrained to the pillar by magical circle and 

> > signs for the purpose of oracle, communications, and other reasons. 
> > 
> > John 
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> > Subject: Theos-World Re: That old mahatma P.B. Randolph 
> > 
> > > "These 'magic mirrors,' generally black, are another 
> > > proof of the universality of an identical belief. In 
> > > India these mirrors are prepared in the province of 
> > > Agra and are also fabricated in Thibet and China. And 
> > > we find them in Ancient Egypt, from whence, according 
> > > to the native historian quoted by Brasseur de 
> > > Bourbourg, the ancestors of the Quiches brought them 
> > > to Mexico; the Peruvian sun&#64979;worshippers also 
> > > used it. When the Spaniards had landed, says the 
> > > historian, the King of the Quiches, ordered his 
> > > priests to consult the mirror, in order to learn the 
> > > fate of his kingdom." 
> > 
> > Im also interested by this topic. Mahatma letters (127) speaks briefly 
> > about the copper wall room, Randolp's Seership explains it in more details 
> > and earlier than Mahatma letters. Now is there any way to trace, where they 
> > both got this method? Or was it solely an invention of Randolph? Copper 
> > mirrors used like Swedenborg mirrors are common practice, but the 
> > combination of triangle executors, magnet above head, north orientation and 
> > insulation from earth is something I've seen only on these two sources. When 

> > I tried to search if there really are temples with such dark rooms, I found 
> > none so far, but maybe someone of you knows more. 
> > 
> > I also read from my finnish translation of Mahatma letters 127, that it is 
> > written in Sinnetts handwriting. Has someone investigated surroundings and 
> > history of the letter? 
> > 
> > -Marko 
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