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Re: Theos-World Re: That old mahatma P.B. Randolph

Jul 11, 2010 07:15 AM
by MKR

It would be educative to hear from anyone who had first hand experience with
any of the techniques.


On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 9:07 AM, <> wrote:

> Marko, John,
> Hmmm, I seem to recall having read that in Tibet in certain orders the monk
> is taught to sit in meditation in a dark room with a single candle ( and a
> mirror in front of him?) while at the same time having a magnet suspended
> over his head. I don't remember the source, it may have been H.P.Blavatsky
> Tibet and Tulku. Copper is electro-magnetic and "Faraday Cages" are used in
> science to create a barrier to intrusions of outside radiations as isolation
> chambers so there can be multiple uses of copper. The "Great Golden Sun" of
> the Inca's was said to have been "Mirror" shaped, the Spanish never found
> it. It is still sought after today. The Rosecrucians are said to use a
> triangular pillar in the ceremonial room upon which they invoke spirits,
> genii, elemental's which are constrained to the pillar by magical circle and
> signs for the purpose of oracle, communications, and other reasons.
> John
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> > "These 'magic mirrors,' generally black, are another
> > proof of the universality of an identical belief. In
> > India these mirrors are prepared in the province of
> > Agra and are also fabricated in Thibet and China. And
> > we find them in Ancient Egypt, from whence, according
> > to the native historian quoted by Brasseur de
> > Bourbourg, the ancestors of the Quiches brought them
> > to Mexico; the Peruvian sun&#64979;worshippers also
> > used it. When the Spaniards had landed, says the
> > historian, the King of the Quiches, ordered his
> > priests to consult the mirror, in order to learn the
> > fate of his kingdom."
> Im also interested by this topic. Mahatma letters (127) speaks briefly
> about the copper wall room, Randolp's Seership explains it in more details
> and earlier than Mahatma letters. Now is there any way to trace, where they
> both got this method? Or was it solely an invention of Randolph? Copper
> mirrors used like Swedenborg mirrors are common practice, but the
> combination of triangle executors, magnet above head, north orientation and
> insulation from earth is something I've seen only on these two sources. When
> I tried to search if there really are temples with such dark rooms, I found
> none so far, but maybe someone of you knows more.
> I also read from my finnish translation of Mahatma letters 127, that it is
> written in Sinnetts handwriting. Has someone investigated surroundings and
> history of the letter?
> -Marko
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