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Theosophy World Congress - Live Streaming

Jul 10, 2010 04:21 AM
by MKR

The 10th World Congress in Rome started on schedule and was live video
streamed on Internet. The quality of the video was excellent. This is the
first time it has happened in the history of World Congress. The Italian
Section should be congratulated for it. Many members who could not travel to
Rome were able to watch the opening session live from the comfort of their
homes around the world.

At the opening, after the Prayers of All Religions, and welcome from the
General Secretary of Italian Section, greetings from individual members and
Sections were read and many Sections had their General Secretaries or their
representatives convey them personally. Though it took quite a bit of time,
it was very impressive and the atmosphere was friendly and there was a sense
of peace.

I am sure everyone present and those who watched on Internet would have
noticed was the lack of greetings from the NZ Section and from  the defeated
International Election candidate. We do not know if this was an oversight or

Our International President, Radhaji who delivered the opening address
looked very healthy. Many of the GC members who were alleging that she was
sick both mentally and physically at the time of the election in 2008 were
present and had a chance to see Radhaji for themselves first hand.

All the future sessions would be streamed and everyone who can watch them
would enjoy them. I hope the Italian Section arranges for archiving them so
that anyone can watch them at any time on the Internet.


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