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NZ TS President Election - Role of Internet

Jul 09, 2010 09:57 PM
by MKR

*NZ TS President Election - Role of Internet

Currently, the election of the next TS President (National Secretary) in NZ
is in process.

This is perhaps the first time in the Internet era that members and
candidates have a choice to openly discuss the candidates and their past
accomplishments and future plans. In the past since the flow of information
was controlled by the leaders since the print medium was under their control
and mailing list is kept secret from membership like in all Sections.

Typically, members get a very brief writeup (with scant info) on the
candidates along with the voting papers and members had to vote with scant
information about the candidates and their past and their future plans. This
has worked very well to keep the interests of the established inner circle
of top theosophists in the sections and members had no other choice.

Today we have Internet forums outside the control of the organizations and
the leaders where members can freely discuss and exchange information about
the election. Many theosophists feel that in the recent International
Election where a well planned and coordinated attempt was made to defeat the
sitting President by alleging that she is sick mentally and physically even
after three well known physicians declared her fit, it is the independent
theosophical forums such as theos-talk that helped to disseminate true facts
to members world-wide so that they can make intelligent decision in their
votes. But for the Internet, members would have been kept in total darkness
controlled by the leaders who wanted to defeat the sitting President.

Let us all keep tuned to NZ developments. It is a precursor to similar
situation in other Sections around the world.


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