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Timely Information distribution to TS Members

Jul 07, 2010 07:24 AM
by MKR

Information distribution to TS Members

Recent announcement about Live Streaming of the World Congress has brought
to light the need for quick distribution of information to TS members. The
responsibility rests with the individual Sections.

I am a member in the United States and the streaming information did not
come to me from the Section. I am sure most members in the Section do not
know about Internet Streaming.

Traditionally, information is distributed to members via the printed
periodical members receive and in a situation like the above, it would not
work since it would be months before the printed information reaches
members. I am sure that USA is not the only Section in this situation.

I think the whole issue of communication with members and the public need to
be examined in the light of current Internet technology. In the USA, even
Court Judgement of wide interests are distributed using Internet due to its
ability to quickly disseminate information to a large audience. Todayâs
young population is geared to getting information via Internet and the
future of Theosophy is going to depend on the growing young generation.

I wish the Congress sets aside some time to discuss the issue of
communication with members and the public so that the TS leaders can
exchange information and also educate themselves about the tools available
for use to help theosophy and TS.

Also as a start, why not issue press releases of summaries of daily events
and they can be distributed worldwide at zero cost to TS. If they are sent
to this list or myself at (replace at with @), I can
post them to this and other theosophical forums. It will definitely help
theosophy and TS worldwide.

M K Ramadoss
TS Member, USA

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