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Fw: [CosmicCookies] 100702

Jul 03, 2010 07:44 PM
by Cass Silva

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>Subject: [CosmicCookies] 100702
>Cookie Break...
>Cosmic Cookie
>Our Physical World is like a Fish Bowl or Aquarium
>and other Universal Forces are able to look in
>without our Permission or Knowledge.
>These Invisible Forces
>are of the following Nature or Character.
>The "Service to Others" Group
>which is focussed on the Welfare of Mankind
>- and -
>The "Service to Self" Group
>which is focussed on the Domination of Mankind.
>Both Groups are Fourth and/or Fifth Density Beings.
>The "Service to Others" Group strives for
>the Energies of Love... Service... and Sharing
>that may be created by Mankind
>- and -
>the "Service to Self" Group strives for
>the Energies of Fear... Sadness... and Panic
>that may be created by Mankind.
>Both Groups have influence over Mankind
>via Inspirational Thought or Voices
>that we as Man are able to accept or reject.
>In this Environment we live... work... and strive
>to raise our Level of Consciousness
>in order to improve our Being and Happiness.
>By means of our Experiences in this Third Density
>we slowly but surely polarize our Focus
>and eventually
>we consciously join one of the above Groups.
>One Group is not better or worse than the other
>for both are the Creator at Divine Play.
>This Infinite Play includes all Phenomenal Worlds
>within all Dimensions known and unknown.
>The Unbroken Wholeness of Creation is
>the Play or Dream of the Energy we call the Creator
>who is present in all its self created Aspects
>with different Personalities and Functions.
>When the Free and Individual Aspects of the Creator
>have learned to awaken from the Dream of Creation
>they continue as the Infinite Source.
>Cosmic Cookies are loved world-wide since 1996/12/01
>You may share them with any List or Party.


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