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Re: Theos-World IN DENIAL: A.P. Sinnett and "Planetary Chains."

Jul 03, 2010 05:24 PM
by Tom Robertson

>Here is an insightful article on the planetary chains:
>IN DENIAL:  A.P. Sinnett and "Planetary Chains."
>by Vladimir Sova.

I've studied this article a reasonable amount of time and I still
don't understand a few things.  Maybe its thought is a level deeper
than I'm capable of and maybe if I studied it more, I'd understand,
but I thought I'd ask about it, anyway.  It says that Mr. Sinnett did
not understand why K. H. understood his question to be about the
Earth's chain rather than the Solar System.  Why would Mr. Sova write
this when Mr. Sinnett made it clear that that's what he was asking
about?  He said it would be absurd to take his question as being about
the Solar System.  Mr. Sova suspects there is a discrepancy between
what Mr. Sinnett asked and what he meant to ask, but I don't see the
relevance of that.  What matters is how K. H. understood his question
and what he answered, which was clearly to say that Mars and Mercury
were part of the Earth's chain, not just part of the same Solar
System.  Am I missing something?

In case an introduction is appropriate for someone who hasn't posted
in a long time, I was active in the Seattle lodge of the T. S. (Adyar)
for a few years more than 10 years ago and used to subscribe and
occasionally post to this list, but was unsubscribed, due to
inactivity, I assume, a few years ago.  I seem to go through phases of

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