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Re: Theos-World What is extreme?

Jun 29, 2010 07:34 AM
by MKR

Let me also add that it would be in everybody's interest to consider the
topic closed and move on to other topics which will be of interest to


On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 10:00 PM, MKR <> wrote:

> I will leave it to the readers to judge your statements in this message and
> others. When comments become too personal, then it turns off many in the
> list and in the past many have unsubscribed. We all look forward to
> increased subscription and participation and we have to do everything we can
> towards this objective.
> On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 4:58 PM, Frank Reitemeyer <
>> wrote:
>> mkr, I really do not understand, what you write.
>> To me my statement is the most normal and most natural thing, at least in
>> the realm of theosophy.
>> What is "extreme"? And why?
>> On the contrary, I find statements extreme, that saw doubt on the little
>> ones, the chelas and the messengers.
>> A group which has delevoped virtues and paramitas, has a good, natural and
>> healthy aura, good group karma.
>> This good karma **forces** the masters of wisdom to help. I know it.
>> On the other hand, a group, which sticks on the psychic, emontional and
>> lower intellectual (bear in mind the many teachers in the TM!) level,
>> creates bad karma and no master is allowed to help.
>> To me it is a matter of fact.
>> Also a matter of fact, that in most theosophical circles (at least I know
>> of at first hand or from trusted friends) HPB is combatted, conscious and
>> unconscious. Sins are praised as tolerance, progress and all that neo
>> liberal gay gender brainwashing.
>> Including the poison of absolute relativism of the Krishnamurti-ites, no
>> matter, if K himself was such a relativist, as I think he was.
>> Although he had some good points, he was not a theosophist, as he did
>> nothing what HPB was working for.
>> He did much good as an antidot to the false and fake claims of Besant and
>> Leadbeater, but not more.
>> One should bear in mind that the true successors of HPB were able to show
>> and proof their pupils that they are able to receive divine powers, while in
>> the Besant and Leadbeater pseudo theosophical cult there were (as in
>> communism and marxism) only rhetoric claims, only words, never deeds.
>> Only blind believe. Their alleged chelas were picked up at night for an
>> astral flight to the Maha Chohan, the Lord of the world, the logos at what
>> else absurde nonsense, but the chelas had no knowledge about it. Besant and
>> Leadbeater told it next morning at breakfast.
>> And the same psycho terror was managed later on at Covina by the OSS false
>> flag operations of Conger and Long, who persecuted the chelas of the
>> Purucker, claiming that they, the lay chelas of the first degrees, are the
>> true successors.
>> I find it most extreme, that such black magic and Jesuitic machinations
>> within the Theosophical Movement seem not to bother you.
>> To me the present organizations like Adyar TS, ULT and Pasadena TS are the
>> most extreme possible organizations against HPB.
>> In that they are the true successor of the Vatican, which is the most
>> extreme possible organization against Christ.
>> And that is the reason why the present incompetent leaders of that
>> organizations will not join internet, they want continue their augeas
>> staples, continue prayer and sermonizing ("If you begin to think, master
>> will make you ill!") instead of teaching.
>> Such persons like Radha Burnier and John Algeo would be the first persons
>> on my list, which I would kick ou, if I were President for a week.
>> Because they destroy the spirit of HPB and replace it with cant,
>> relativism and a good portion of mental confusion, which prevents spiritual
>> insight.
>> If Christians are known by their fruits, by what will theosophists be
>> known?
>> As my "extreme" statement says nothing more than the many statements of de
>> Purucker in the 1920'ies and 1930'ies (compare his "Messages to
>> Concentions"), were he said that around 1930 all theosophical groups have
>> turned to the dark side, will you regard de Purucker's statements also as
>> extreme?
>> So what is the definition of extreme?
>> Are all who remain tru to the spirit of HPB are extreme? Or
>> fundamentalistic?
>> I am really puzzled now.
>> Frank
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>> From: MKR
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>> Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 9:58 PM
>> Subject: Re: Theos-World Adyar School of Wisdom - 2010/11
>> I think that this is a little bit going too far. While we may disagree on
>> many things, it does no good to anyone in making extreme statements. There
>> is much work to be done in today's world and individual theosophists are
>> the
>> ones who can make a lot of contributions. Let us hope we all succeed in
>> moving theosophy in the world of today.
>> MKR
>> On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 1:28 PM, Frank Reitemeyer
>> < <>>wrote:
>> I agree. Instead allowing the psychics, the liars, the perverts to rule
>> wihtin the Theosophical Movement, the little one must be protected.
>> For that a strong leader is needed. A strong leader is the result of good
>> karma.
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