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Re: Theos-World Adyar School of Wisdom - 2010/11

Jun 28, 2010 12:28 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>The truth is Frank, and I think you agree: There are limitations to what 
>aught to be and will be accepted by the Himalayan Masters, when one wants 
>to promote the original TS Programe.

Yes, Morten.
One border line would be false persecution of the co-workers of the Masters, 
as we have seen by Besant, Olcott, Leadbeater, Crosbie, Cleather, Hartmann, 
to name a few.

>Theosophists are known to act, but few are the workers it seems.

Theosophists are rather known to chat and talk and talk and chat one to 
death. KT was regarded by de Purucker as the highest theosophist and 
occultist, because she was acting and did work most in the outer world.
The more one works in the outer world, the more esoteric one is.
You will know, that with the Besant-Leadbeater conspiration against the 
Masters it is quite the contrary.

If you study the psyche of the peoples of the world and their nation souls, 
you will perhaps learn, that for centuries it was teh proud of the Germans 
rather to die than to lie, in other words, that it was a quality of the 
German soul that word and action were identical.
That it may today be otherwise, is the result of political issues and 
masonic conspiracy, which forces the Germans in their everyday life to lie 
to survive.
Here you have a key why HPB so often condemned cant and hpycrisy, which is 
an accepted standard in England and USA, in other words of the Jewish elite 
in the City of London and NY.

>My view is - Quality members first - Quanitiy later.

I agree. Instead allowing the psychics, the liars, the perverts to rule 
wihtin the Theosophical Movement, the little one must be protected.
For that a strong leader is needed. A strong leader is the result of good 

The followers of Besant, Crosbie and Conger/Long do not like strong leaders.

I would like rather have a theosophical group, true to the aims, true to its 
missions and ends, which consists only of 20 people, than to have a group of 
20,000 people, of which no one is interested in truth.

>>"Most theosophists have not even an idea what a living teacher is and what 
>>their trained chelas are and who and where such higher persons worked 
>>within the Theosophical Movement."
>M. Sufilight says:
>This is an important sentence from you as far as I am concerned.
>And yes, you are quite right on one level of thought.

I do not understand what do you mean by being concerned.
Could you please say it in other words?
Are you refering to Tingley?



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