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Re: Theos-World Live Webcasting of Wedding in India

Jun 27, 2010 09:06 PM
by Augoeides-222

We here in the USA have "C-span" channels, one for the house, one for the senate, and one for committee hearings and defense briefings etc. There are also shown on the same The opening of Parliment of Britain, Ireland, and sometimes Scotland and occasionally other things such as the United Nation Security Council, Special addresses to the United Nations General Assembly. These are on Cable Service here. I have seen the Tibetan Parliment active Broadcast Channel online on ,and there are a few others. but it takes time to search for them among the many broadcast channels. I have been a C-span junkie for decades. Also here in alifornia we have The State Government on Cable as well as our City Council meettings live every Tuesday night, Board of Supervisiors, Public Utility Commission and other functions are broadcast without charge as part of our general subscription venue. during our general Elections the individual pary Conbventions are televised on C-span Channels free. As well as candidate Debates. To be truthful most common people don;t avail themselves to watch most of these information sources. 

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That is a good start. Looking forward to webcast of congresses and 
conventions world wide. 

Also would like to see the workshops broadcast. We have a long way to go. 


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> Dear MKR, just want to let you know 
> that the TS is broadcasting webcasts. If you look on their website you will 
> see. 
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> Subject: Theos-World Live Webcasting of Wedding in India 
> Today, one of my friendâs son is getting married in India. Since many 
> relatives and friends are currently living outside India, and could not 
> personally attend the wedding ceremonies, they are being live webcast on 
> Internet for all of us to see. Obviously, the technology is within reach of 
> ordinary citizens in India. When such is the case, why not TS think of 
> webcasting important meetings and lectures? Time to wake up and start using 
> the cheap technology available today. 
> MKR 
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