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Re: Theos-World Live Webcasting of Wedding in India

Jun 27, 2010 03:17 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

The main problem is that most long years theosophical officials I have met so far, are not interested in studying theosophy, they are satifsfied with their mayavic psychic pseudo reality were they have good karma and the others have bad karma and where their childish parody of the Masters make them believe that being lazy and passive, living a drone-like life is enough and that they soon reach sainthood by their false virtues alone.

Because of this anti-theosophical mindset they will continue ignore your appeals ad infinitum.

So the real problem is not foremost the age of the officials. We need spiritual officals, not psychics as is now the case.

But who will bedice who is spiritual and who is not? The higher can understand the lower, but not the other way round.


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Subject: Theos-World Live Webcasting of Wedding in India

Today, one of my friendâs son is getting married in India. Since many
relatives and friends are currently living outside India, and could not
personally attend the wedding ceremonies, they are being live webcast on
Internet for all of us to see. Obviously, the technology is within reach of
ordinary citizens in India. When such is the case, why not TS think of
webcasting important meetings and lectures? Time to wake up and start using
the cheap technology available today.


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