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Fwd: TPH Twilight Archives

Jun 24, 2010 10:21 PM
by MKR

I was saddened to receive the message. If there is a way to retrieve the
entire website, we would be doing a favor to the posterity in making
valuable documents available.

If by chance, anyone had downloaded the website, please contact me off line


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From: pedro oliveira <>
Date: Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 10:57 PM
Subject: TPH Twilight Archives
To: MKR <mkr777>, Eldon B Tucker <eldonbtucker>

Dear Mr Ramadoss and Eldon,

I was quite sad this week when I accidentally discovered that Gladney
Oakley's website,, 'TPH Twilight Archives',
has been discontinued. Gladney passed away approximately four years ago in
Sydney and had been an untiring pioneer worker in putting Theosophical texts
online. As I matter of fact it was he who created the* Union Index of
Theosophical Periodicals*, now in a much expanded form in the TS in
Australia website ( Gladney
had sent to me at Adyar, as early as 1993, the templates of that Index and
we included news about it in 'Theosophical Work around the World' column in
*The Theosophist. *
His 'Twilight Archives' was a veritable mine of online Theosophical
information, very eclectic, but including works of importance in the world
of Theosophical literature. My understanding was that he had paid for the
website to continue for some years after his death, a period which has now
sadly expired.

We normally write obtituaries about people when the pass away. I think
'Twilight Archives' deserves a proper and perhaps collective obtituary by
those who knew Gladney and his passion for Theosophy as a Living Wisdom.



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