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NZ Secretary's Resignation and Withdrawal and Sickness Leave

Jun 21, 2010 04:14 PM
by MKR

I ran into an interesting development in NZ. Apparently Warwick Keys
resigned his position as the head of the NZ Section and now has withdrawn
his resignation and has taken sickness leave.

In a letter/msg I saw, here is the extract. We all wish him well. Here is
one instance why TS needs to develop young healthy leaders to lead TS in
various sections.

"After due consideration and discussion with my doctor, family and many TS
friends I have agreed to withdraw my resignation and continue on as NP until
my term expires in January 2011.  However, I have been advised to take
sickness leave until the end of July to allow me to recover.  During this
time I will be moving back to Wanganui with Pamela."


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