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animal welfare

Jun 16, 2010 11:09 AM
by Vera Santos

At you can get to know how priests and Catholics treat dogs that venture to show up in the streets around the Fátima Sanctuary in Portugal. (article in Portuguese)

The article says that some security guys manage to take a few captured dogs to their home and provide them shelter in their own homes or with some neigboring people. But the majority of dogs is not that lucky. 

It says the dogs are captured, encaged, left behind the sanctuary building under the inclemencies of sun or rain. They are hurt with pruning hooks and many times their legs are broken. And there they stay, without any help, untill the municipal service comes to take them away. Sometimes, the municipal service does not come and the dogs mysteriously desappear. 

The writer says "those who gave us this information say that the dogs there live the few days that are left to them in extreme miserable conditions".  

Alexandra Pego ends her article saying: "This is an abominable situation on the part of those who claim to be God's representatives, it is not understandable such a cruelty in a space they want to make it sacred and however, they themselves desacrate and maculate with death and blood." 
I sent the Sanctuary an email showing my indignation as to this dogs situation, although I don't think that I, from so afar, would be heard. Maybe you from Europe, who is nearer? 
Sanctuary's contacts:
Fone: (+351) 249 - 539 600
Fax: (+351) 249 - 539 605
Pe. Virgílio do Nascimento Antunes


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