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Re: Theos-World Blavatsky and Nazism

Jun 14, 2010 05:16 PM
by jdmsoares

Dear Friends,
Thanks MKR to bring again to this group this topic about the
misconceptions aroud Theosophy and it supposed influence on Nazism.
There are still circulating on the web and in some books a lot of false
ideais about HPB and Theosophy.
That article of Carlos is really opportune.
In this context, there is another article that i would like to draw your
"THEOSOPHY AND THE SECOND WORLD WAR - Nazism, Fascism, and the
Theosophical Movement During The Twentieth Century
ar.html>  "

Direct link:\


--- In, "M. Sufilight" <global-theosophy@...>
> Thanks MKR
> My views are:
> This made me react and try to just one more time get an response from
the honourable leaders of the TS about the follownig views...
> Carlos wrote:
> "7) You fail to see that Helena Blavatsky did not engage in any
anti-British Movement or pro-Indian Independence Movement,  and that
even the Theosophical Society (Adyar) was pro-British during the Second
World War, not to mention all the other branches of the Movement; "
> M. Sufilight says:
> This I write the following...
> What Carlos seem to fail seeing is, that Blavatsky and the
Theosophical Society was against any kind of political involvement.
> Try The theosophical Constitution and Statutes given in The
Theosophist - January 1891. And also the ORIGINAL PROGRAM MANUSCRIPT,
written 1886 in BCW, Vol. VII, p. 145. Both of them are clearly against
political involvement. H. S. Olcott wrote against political involvement
of the T.S. members in 1882.
> . In the very first number of the first volume of the magazine, The
Theosophist, that for October 1879, in the article "What Are the
Theosophists?" (reprinted in U.L.T. Pamphlet No. 22) we find the
following from H. P. blavatsky:
>   "Unconcerned about politics; hostile to the insane dreams of
Socialism and of Communism, which it abhors-as both are but disguised
conspiracies of brutal force and sluggishness against honest labour; the
Society cares but little about the outward human management of the
material world. The whole of its aspirations are directed towards the
occult truths of the visible and invisible worlds. Whether the physical
man be under the rule of an empire or a republic, concerns only the man
of matter. His body may be enslaved; as to his Soul, he has the right to
give to his rulers the proud answer of Socrates to his Judges. They have
no sway ove the inner man. "
> In the Supplement to The Theosophist for July 1883 can be found a very
important pronouncement by Col. H. S. Olcott, the co-founder and
President of the Theosophical Society, against mixing Theosophy and
politics. This statement, which H.P.B. endorsed, reads:
> "That our members, and others whom it interests, may make no mistake
as to the Society's attitude as regards Politics, I take this occasion
to say that our Rules, and traditional policy alike, prohibit every
officer and fellow of the Society, AS SUCH, to meddle with political
questions in the slightest degree, and to compromise the Society by
saying that it has, AS SUCH, any opinion upon those or any other
questions. The Presidents of Branches, in all countries, will be good
enough to read this protest to their members, and in every instance when
initiating a candidate to give him to understand-as I invariably do-the
fact of our corporate neutrality. So convinced am I that the perpetuity
of our Society depends upon our keeping closely to our legitimate
province, and leaving Politics "severely alone," I shall use the full
power permitted to me as President-Founder to suspend or expel every
member, or even discipline or discharter any Branch which shall, by
offending in this respect, imperil the work now so prosperously going on
in various parts of the world."
> This alone leads me to consider whether Olcot and Blavatsky would not
have expelled Annie Besant and perhaps even the present day Theosophical
Society's leaders, because the do not in any clear manner reject
political involvement - and the present day Constitution and Statutes
have deleted the paragraph saying:
> Offences
> 1. Any Fellow who shall in any way attempt to involve the Society In
political disputes shall be immediately expelled."
> (The Constitution and Statutes, written in The Theosophist, Januar
> As long as no member in TS Adyar will go forward and clearly exlpain
why it has been necessary to deviate from the original programe with
regard to politics during Annie Besants leadership, and during the
present day leadership, I se no reason to join the TS, because then it
must really be a carcass reasting on no solid grounds.
> Silence is of course also an answer.
> And we ask in the name of compassion: Is this how you promulagte
theosophy? When will you teach theosophy proper?
> ----
> (B)
> Carlos wrote:
> "9) You fail to see that H.P.B.'s Theosophy is completely against any
conception of a "unfailing leader", a concept which belongs to the
Vatican, to Nazis, and to Fascists."
> M. Sufilight says:
> This I write the following...
> I wonder if Carlos fails to see, that the present day TS does not
clearly and visibly seem offer such a view to outsiders and potential
members about J. Krishnamurti's role in the TS of the past and the
> Well I found these question important to ask.
> And one can only wonder whether the TS only promotes theosophy towards
the Jews, and leave all honest Blavatskyan Theosophists in the cold.
> M. Sufilight
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>   The subject of the influence of HPB's writing on Nazism has been
>   in the past in various forums.
>   There is a very interesting discussion in a recent article at <
>> titled:
>   'Message to an Author Who Did not Study Theosophy'. It is very well
>   and theosophists would find it interesting.
>   MKR
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