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Closed Session in World Congress to address important issues

Jun 07, 2010 07:27 AM
by MKR

Closed Session in World Congress to address important issues

âA closed meeting occurred during the  World Congress of the Theosophical
Society held in Salzburg, in the summer of 1966 . In July 19 and 20,
General Secretaries (national presidents)  from all over the world and a few
invited persons held a conference on âThe Presentation of Theosophyâ.
International  president  N. Sri Ram chaired the meeting. Extracts of the
proceedings were published in âThe Theosophistâ one year later.â

Obviously, closed sessions have taken place in the past to address issues
considered important by various Sections and its leaders. The 1966 meeting
was to address the issue of theosophical publications, old, new and revised.

Much more important than the presentation of theosophy to the modern world
in modern terminology and vocabulary, is what theosophists around the world
witnessed starting with the last election of the International President.

The display of the actions by many Section heads and theosophical âleadersâ
was the worst case example of how theosophists practice the First Object -
Brotherhood - in matters concerning organizational issues. We also saw the
evidence of disunity among Section leaders.

What is different this time is the big elephant in the room - Internet and
its independence from the control of organizations and individuals, which
proved to be the real saviour of theosophical society and movement in
preventing a potentially disastrous direction for the society.

Theosophists around the world witnessed the events (to the extent
information was available) on round-the-clock basis as well the descriptions
recorded in the Internet archives not unlike Akashic records for the future.

Many theosophical leaders and Section heads did not come out smelling good.
You can use your imagination how they smelled!

Today, ordinary members who are not privy to the happenings going on (behind
the scenes and in secret) between Section leaders, have not seen any
dramatic effort to turn the tide and bring about reconciliation and
cooperation in moving theosophy into the future.

Would it not be a good idea for the upcoming World Congress to have an
unofficial closed session to address the above disunity issue? All Section
leaders and some special invitees can participate and soon after publish a
report on Internet within days or weeks so members around the world are kept

I hope Section leaders and those who are in charge of the planning of the
Congress would consider this seriously.


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