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Re: Theos-World Krotona

May 23, 2010 08:42 AM
by Drpsionic

We used to make jokes about Krotonans making a mad dash to the outhouse  
before the buzzards could swoop down and get them.
Chuck the Heretic  

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Now the executive head is running the show from assisted living  facility.
Someone told me the joke about Krotona that you should be 100 yrs  old to be
considered a senior citizen.

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>  20 years ago we were making jokes about the Krotonans and their diet  of
> prunes and pickle juice. Nothing seems to have changed very  much.
> Chuck the Heretic
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> Krotona
> When Krotona was established  in Ojai, CA, Annie Besant envisoned a 
> very active center with  dedicated young theosophists working to support 
> American Section.  Anyone interested in learning more details can find 
> in some of  the books on Krotona.
> Recently a friend who visited Krotona  gave the impression that it looks
> more
> like a retirement  community where most residents are really, really old.
> In  addition, I recently learnt that the resident head, who I believe is  
> her mid eighties, is running the place from an assisted living  place,
> recovering from some falls. All our thoughts and good wishes  for a speedy
> recovery goes to her.
> While we all  appreciate the dedication and sacrifice of the Krotona
> residents for  theosophy and TSA, the old age of the residents does not 
> well for  a vibrant future. Historically, all upcoming and growing
>  org_anizations are led by middle aged or younger men and women and w_hen 
> see younger leadership, one can be confident that there is  a bright 
> in store.
> Aged leadership world-wide  in theosophy has been discussed in this forum
> and
> elsewhere.  While there is much talk about the esoteric and unseen world, 
> am not  sure the leadership around the world is keenly aware of the age
>  problem and we are yet to see a concerted effort to identify and groom
>  promising young leaders.
> Aged leadership has also contributed  to lack of recognition of the 
> edge communication tools  currently available because of the growth of use
> of
> Internet.  Since the majority of the consumers of the modern tools are
> younger  generation, the Internet technology has to be tapped quickly so
>  that
> theosophy can reach younger generation.
>  MKR
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