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TOS in Paris & the French Section Action

May 22, 2010 06:10 PM
by MKR

TOS in Paris & the French Section Action

There was a short msg posting some time ago regarding the Paris based TOS
which was located for years in the premises of the TS French Section in
Paris. Recently, the section got a new leader. Some strange logic/excuse was
used by the new leader of the Section to throw the TOS out of the premises
and the TOS was almost literally on the streets. (We do not know the full
details of the logic and reasoning for the decision.)

For some reason, many readers missed the above message.

>From what I understand, French TOS had several dedicated theosophists who
have done wonderful job in pursuit of the First Object of the TS and no one
could understand the strange logic/excuse. Many were wondering if it was
simply a payback arising from the International Election. After all, the
human nature is the same everywhere, as one of the theosophical Adepts  told
long time ago. That is the only thing that may explain the action.

Such action as above, when seen by newbees and rookies, makes one wonder
what is going on in the TS, especially in the West where the growth is in
pitiful state in spite of the tall and complicated talk about all the fine
points of various theosophical classics and doctrines etc. (By the way the
new French leader is going to talk in the upcoming congress in Italy.)

All one needs only to read early TS literature to understand the great
importance given by the inner Founders to Brotherhood and the steps to
alleviate the suffering of the needy and poor. If this is ignored by our
actions, all the talk and discussions about the all the esoteric and occult
matters have no real meaning when we want to advance theosophy and TS.

Let us stop shooting ourselves in our feet, as the saying goes.


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