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Re: Theos-World International Theosophy Magazine

May 21, 2010 12:47 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

As to the Jung quote on theosophy.
Years agao I was informed from older theosophists, that Jung has accepted the theosophical teachings and had nothing against them.
But for a time he had attended a theosophical lodge in the Netherlands and left angry about the theosophists.

If he really made this distinction, he would be in good company, as already HPB made this distinction as well as other thinkers at Jung's time, like the rocket father Hermann Oberth or nuclear reseeacher and Plato student Prof. Ernst von Weizsacker.

One needs to check the accuracy of this quote. Obviously it is a translation from the German.


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Subject: Theos-World International Theosophy Magazine

International Theosophy Magazine for May 2010 is online. Please check it
out. Links to the magazine are on the front page.


The magazine is multi-colored and very well done and the pdf version shows
what is feasible with current technology.

A multi colored hard copy print edition would cost a fortune to produce and
distribute. Compared to drab mono-color magazines we are all used to, it is
a welcome addition to the theosophical universe.

It shows Ancient Wisdom can be presented in a very attractive format.

I hope other organizations would look at it and follow suit.


PS: A few days back, I called the editor of a free theosophical newsletter
to make it available as a pdf file. The editor, did not show much enthusiasm
for the idea and I do not think it is going to happen. It did not surprise
me because the editor is a typical very old theosophist in mid 80s. A friend
in another continent wanted to see it, I had to convert it to a pdf file and
email it.

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