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Re: Theos-World Upcoming World Congress - Some comments

May 21, 2010 01:05 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Yes. Interesting it is.

I just came across this one:

The meaning to LIFE!!!!!!!!!! Blow your mind away

Now when the movieclips end, we can ask ourselves theosophically:
* We must ask ourselves: When is it good to use a computer, and when is it most certainly not?
* Do we trust computers? And how much?
* Or perhaps rather do we trust those who make them or control them or control the Internet? And how much?
* And is there a wise use of computers and an ignorant misleading one as well? And what is that?
* When Wisdom teachers of the Ages nearly always have given emphasis to the spiritual importance of that people on the Way meet other people on the Way in real lifee, as well as people in general, how aught we to theosophically reagard the "superficial meetings" given in our computer age, with its e-mails, forums, voip (voice over IP -talk), webcams, video-clips etc. etc.?
* Will too much emphasis on using computers as a tool of (superficial) communication for Internet forums, e-mails etc. versus instead meeting people in real life, not be working against the Wisdom teachings? If the answer is no: How can we be assured that it will not? And to what extend?
* Is the truth, that there is a balance to the use of computers, Internet, e-mails etc., when we realise that computers use up electricity, and that our use of electricitiy is in general not environmentally safe and sound as our situation is today?
* And is the use of money for Internet and the buying of a new computer not a message, (or could it be a message), mocking the poor and hungry - and could it be in opposition to be doing an honest effort in helping the poor in our countries around the globe? 
* And are many not crossing the thin red line, when they each week spend precious time e-mailing and surfing the Internet on what comparatively can be called low-quality exchanges of information, not really helping to alleviate suffering and the suffering of the poor and hungry? So can we conclude that there are high-quality use of the Internet, e-mails etc. and also low-quality use of the same?
* And is it not true, that the use of e-mails and the Internet contains a real risk of being of a lower quality than meeting people in real life?

M. Sufilight

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  In closely reviewing the program of the upcoming congress in Italy, there is
  no mention of a discussion about the role of current Internet technology in
  further dissemination of theosophy. Internet is the backbone of todayâs
  communication and all segments of the world are using it.

  Only theosophists are quite behind the curve. While we are all interested in
  Ancient Wisdom, should we not embrace with enthusiasm modern tools of

  We have rarely seen any of the leaders in the Internet scene and one gets
  the impression that they are yet to recognize the power of communication
  tools in use in Internet.

  One wonders how much of this is due to the really old age of many leaders
  and many younger theosophists are waiting and praying for the time that it
  would change.

  MY 0.02


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