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International Theosophy Magazine

May 21, 2010 05:57 AM
by MKR

International Theosophy Magazine for May 2010 is online. Please check it
out. Links to the magazine are on the front page.


The magazine is multi-colored and very well done and the pdf version shows
what is feasible with current technology.

A multi colored hard copy print edition would cost a fortune to produce and
distribute. Compared to drab mono-color magazines we are all used to, it is
a welcome addition to the theosophical universe.

It shows Ancient Wisdom can be presented in a very attractive format.

I hope other organizations would look at it and follow suit.


PS: A few days back, I called the editor of a free theosophical newsletter
to make it available as a pdf file. The editor, did not show much enthusiasm
for the idea and I do not think it is going to happen. It did not surprise
me because the editor is a typical very old theosophist in mid 80s. A friend
in another continent wanted to see it, I had to convert it to a pdf file and
email it.

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