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TS and use of Internet for Communication

May 20, 2010 10:54 AM
by MKR

A wise man or woman said:

Keys to efficiency and effectiveness are transportation and communication.

The Adepts knew this very well and have ages ago mastered instant
transportation and communication. Over the years, transportation and
communication for the masses have improved. Today we have almost instant
communication with Internet, faxes, and wireless phones.

Even rudimentary use of these tools will increase effectiveness and
efficiency of everyone. Take for example in the theosophical setting.
Theosophical magazines and bulletins and other publications can be
distributed using Internet at almost no cost.

Since most documents are created using wordprocessor programs, producing a
pdf file is a snap. When TS was launched, it was at the forefront of ideas
and early leaders used all then currently available technology to
disseminate and spread theosophy.

But TS and its leaders have really fallen behind the curve. Disseminating
Ancient Wisdom does not mean using ancient tools. Does it not make sense to
use modern tools?

One simple example is the distribution of publications and newsletter and
news releases using Internet. TS is behind the curve and is stuck in the
inefficient and expensive way of distribution. Leisurely print hard copies
and mail them by snailmail and then complain about how the financial
situation is tight and possibly fire some of the employees and cut back on

Recently, I was talking to a friend across the globe about a TS newsletter
produced and distributed as hard copy in the USA. The friend did not have
access to the newsletter and I volunteered to scan it and email it. All it
took may be 15 minutes of my time. This simply demonstrated how simple and
easy it is to convert documents to pdf files and emailing them across the

It makes one concerned if the leadership, most of whom are really old, will
ever wake up to the real world and see the opportunities the modern tools
provide to help our work.

Let us all pray so that their eyes are miraculously opened and move thing
for the better.


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