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TS World Congress

May 16, 2010 09:43 PM
by MKR

I just received information that the program of the World Congress in Italy
is available at TS Adyar website. Here is the link:


MKR Comments:

Looking at the speakers, it is heartening to notice many leaders and General
Secretaries from around the world are participating and addressing it,
including our International President Radhaji presiding over it.

I believe, this occasion presents a very unique opportunity for leaders
around the world to reconcile the deep differences members have noticed
among General Council members following the election two years ago and I
hope best use is made of the unique opportunity.

It would be nice if the sessions can be broadcast live on Internet for
members around the world to watch it.

Also, it would be very helpful for members around the world and for
posterity, if the sessions are video recorded and made available for
download on Internet so that members who are unable to attend it can
download and watch it. The video material can be made available very soon
after the congress is over. Time is of the essence in today's Internet

M K Ramadoss

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