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Re: News: Our universe at home within a larger universe? So suggests

May 13, 2010 05:23 PM
by Leon Maurer

On Wed May 5, 2010 5:30 am ((PDT))  rybo6" os_jbug wrote

> Leon, could you please clarify your definitions of spirit and soul  
> below?  Rybo
> LM] ....."Thus, our conscious souls (the surrounding triune monadic  
> fields constituting our higher self) or who/what we are Ë remain
> forever an analogous and corresponding image of the cosmic primal  
> fields of consciousness Ë as consciously and unconsciously  
> experienced periodically by each of us during this cycle of a day in  
> its year of life on Earth in this Solar System â With all existences  
> at any level of reality, conforming to the fundamental laws of cycles  
> and periodicity (rooted in ubiquitous primal spin momentum)â Such  
> that, spirit tends to materialize, and material tends to spiritualize  
> Ë periodically.

Thanks Rybo, for giving me an opportunity to polish up a tutorial article I've been working on for an international philosophy journal.

The "soul" (that Leibniz called the "Monad") is actually the initial highest frequency triune spiritual filed surrounding each individual center of human consciousness or self awareness... Which,  in accord with my ABC model***, is analogous and corresponding to the initial triune field of cosmogenesis (1st Logos**) -- on down to the genesis of each individual Zero-Point centered field and form in total spacetime... Whether on supra-physical, metaphysical, physical/material, or any and all harmonic fields in between... With each such spherical field being governed by the fundamental law of cycles inherent in the infinite angular momentum (what i call G-force* or "Spinergy"and science calls ZPE or zero-point energy) of unmanifest (empty) absolute (pre-cosmic) space -- located everywhere (at the zeeo-point singularity) in total spherical spacetime... 

All that are scientific facts -- since we know, both theoretically and experimentally, that every zero-point in total space contains infinite potential mass-energy... And concurrently, in accord with the law of conservation, they each must contain the total memory and structural information of the entire cosmos and everything in it -- plus all the potential maas-energy and information of infinite possible parallel universes, located on other infinite spin axes of the singularity... (Thereby, invisible to and undetectable by us.)

*G-force is the dual attractive and repulsive ZP power source of all inflowing compressive and outflowing expansive gravitational and electrodynamic fields in any manifest spacetime cosmos.  

However, it's only on the physical plane when the lower animal brain-mind-consciousness is linked to the higher rational and intuitive dual mind fields within the spiritual monad, and cognizes its individual self, can we properly call such a monad, a living human "soul".  

All such initial fields follow perfect symmetries until their particles interact asymmetrically on the 4th lowest frequency phase order order physical/material planes (relative to and analogous with each corresponding cosmic field order)... With all structural and memory information carried as holographic wave interference patterns on their spherical surfaces.  See:  
[Note this is only a 2-D symbolic cross-section of only one initial aspect of an infinite series of interpenetrating hyperspherical (toroidal) fields radiating from every zero-point in infinite dimensional space. IOW, all such fields are coadunate but not consubstantial...  With each spherical field connected through their tangent crossover points (or "wormholes" in new physics parlance) -- which I see as zero-point "singularities" -- such as Einstein described in his General Relativity theory (but didn't explain the spiral vortex nature of their incoming and outgoing radiant energy fields)].

Incidentally, all this can be partially visualized, up to possibly the first 7 dimensions -- by imagining the initial fractal harmonic radiant fields (at any genetic level) as transparent bubbles within bubbles, within bubbles, etc., descending from infinite radius in octaval, decimal and duodecimal series, ad infinitum -- down to the densest field next to the zero point in any frequency phase order realm. This is also analogous and corresponding to the light color spectrum, as well as the musical scales on the physical/material level.

The only real difficulty of comprehending this infinite compression and expansion occurring everywhere in total hyperspherical  spacetime -- is imagining all such interpenetrating fields extending (on their individual highest order spiritual level) to an infinite radius... With all inner fields, at their own analogous higher order spiritual levels, following suit...   

Note: This implies that all spiritual fields (at any frequency spectrum phase level) are relative to each other -- as are all the corresponding highest order aspects of their inner fractal harmonic fields.  And, also, that the entire cosmos is actually a hologram, within holograms, within holograms ad infinitum -- with all its information contained in every zero-point located everywhere at the origin of all radiant fields and their particle-standing waves...  See the work of Milo Wolff at:

This is where the finite rational mind, linked to the brain and the senses, can get lost -- unless the conscious monad and its higher order dual mind fields, can separate itself from the body fields -- such as when in deep samadhi meditation -- and its observing center of consciousness (awareness) can look directly on the real nature of all the higher order fields as they interpenetrate each other and transform information from one frequency level to another.

To recap -- that monad is the initial triune field that radiates from the zero-point singularity or infinite spin momentum ("spinergy") at the primal source of every electro-graviatational field (and its fractal involved harmonics) surrounding every particle, atom, molecule, compound, and all sentient organized organic beings -- including the human body and its associated fields .  See:

These fields, along with all their fractal harmonics at their descending frequency phase orders, interpenetrate each other everywhere throughout metric space... Thus, accounting for the holographic nature of the entire hyperspherical cosmos and everything in it -- as observed from the standpoint of any ZP center of consciousness located anywhere within it (or ON its fractal involved harmonic spherical field surfaces, down to the densest compacted ZPE field in the Planck volume).  

Obviously, wherever your ZP center of visual consciousness is located in spherical (physical) spacetime, it appears to be at the exact center of the visible universe... Thus, proving that the universe is actually a 2-d hologram, and, as the Buddhists say, also a (3-d holographic) illusion reconstructed (as a 3-d holographic image) in each viewers mind.   It's also obvious form this, that all rays of light reflected from every planet, star and galaxy in the universe converges in every zero-point center of observation -- no matter where they are located in total physical spacetime.  

This can easily be proved by simple mind experiments (visualizations)...  And also, by directly observing the star-field and realizing that every ray of starlight converges at each of infinite zero points on the surface of your eye -- as well as at the exact ZP center of your head when both eyes are open.  

Thus, when the soul leaves the body after death, it can still see the star field (recorded as a hologram on the 2-d surface of the monadic fields) -- which can still be reconstructed holographically and perceived in 3-d, by projection and reflection of a coherent ray of corresponding light frequency radiated from the spinergy of the observer's ZP center of consciousness, located at the center of the inner mental field of the monad.  This center of consciousness is also capable of relocating itself to any other ZP field center in total hyper(spherical) spacetime.

[Remember, the information carried on all radiant energy fields -- (that are are interconnected spatially through the BEC entanglement of their zero-point centers) -- can be transformed between each other by phase conjugate adaptive resonance.  This, is, incidentally, the fundamental law governing the transformation and transmission of all information between all forms of nature, and also accounts for the (still scientifically unexplained) instantaneous action at a distance on the quantum level. ]

This triune monadic field also represents the infinite cosmic information (carried as holograms or holographic wave interference patterns on its outermost spherical circumference, and reflected in the spinergy of its zero-point of origin) -- along with the experiential and intuitive memory of the individual self (carried similarly on its twin inner mental fields) -- which is replicated resonantly on all their inner fractal harmonics, ad infinitum.  

IOW, all cosmic information is In the human monad or Soul, carried as modulated wave interference patterns on the initial outer field (that is the human spirit) surrounding the individual center of consciousness or higher self, located at the origin of the body or the naval chakra ... And, the two inner fields of the monad or soul are the dual higher mind... One side carrying the intuitive memory (the vehicle of spirit) --with the other side, carrying the accumulated experiential (karmic) memory (archetypal, species, past lives, earlier evolutional, spiritual, etc., etc.).  Incidentally, this duality is reflected in the left and right hemispheres of the brain...  And the double helix spiral vortex of their cycling field energy flow is reflected in the spiral helix ladder of the DNA molecule.  

I hope that this attempt to explain such counter intuitive realities in a severely limited language that is based primarily on objective physical/material observations (as if that were all that exists) -- when thoughtfully examined, and observationally, reflectively, and mind experimentally tested, as suggested -- makes perfect sense.  If not, please let me know what you don't understand. 

Otherwise -- for those (and everyone knows who they are) without intuition or imagination, or the ability to reason toward logical conclusions based on the fundamental understanding that nothing can come from nothing, and that the relative is absolute and the absolute is relative, as well not understanding (if not entirely false) that all their conventional or established "scientific" knowledge is unreal -- it might as well be seen as "word salad" ;-)  

(Incidentally, that goes also for all those who call themselves "eliminative materialists", or are devoted believers in a separate personal God-creator or in other supernatural mysticisms.)

Best wishes,
Leon Maurer

On Wed May 5, 2010 5:30 am ((PDT))  rybo6" os_jbug wrote:
>> eternal collective consciousness -- that is the ubiquitous  
>> "father" of all infinite spacetime fields and forms in any one of  
>> infinitely possible cosmoses -- which periodically manifest from  
>> their eternal eggs (spin momentum "mothers").***http:// 
> Leon, I'm liking a lot of what your saying.  For Fuller there is  
> macro-finite physical but micro-infinite subdivision of the macro- 
> finite physical.
> LM] Father = consciousness as spcaetime fields and mother as spin  
> momentum.
> I define physical spirit as energy ergo bosons, fermions and andy  
> combination thereof.
> Metaphysical spirit as intention.
> Physical soul I define as a biological
> Metaphysical soul I define as???
> Leon, could you please clarify your definitions of spirit and soul  
> below?  Rybo

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