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Re: Theos-World Maitreya is here? - B. Creme, AAB and Scrooge McDuck

May 11, 2010 08:44 AM
by Drpsionic

Creme is a con man and his Maitreya is a fraud.  It is as simple as  that.
Chuck the Heretic  

In a message dated 5/10/2010 11:22:31 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

Dear friends

Over at Conspiracyarchive.Over at Conspiracyarchive.<WBR>com they have 
recently  posted the 

I find it to be a quite  interesting spin-off which clearly is a result of 
the Lucis Trusts teachings  about the Externalization of the Hierarchy and 
the coming of the Maitreya  somewhere between 1975-2025 or so.
It should however not be viewed as a  spin-off created by The Theosophical 
Society (or the original version thereof)  as seemingly claimed by This is a false view. Well as far as I  know.

Straight Talk about Maitreya 1+2
"Bejamin Creme, an  Englishman, claims to be in contact with an entity 
called Maitreya. This  entity speaks to him through telepathic means, a 
communion he sometimes refers  to as an overshadowing by Maitreya. Creme claims that 
Maitreya is the âworld  teacherâ that is awaited by the Theosophical 
Society. As the_ Theosophical  Societyâs World Teacher, he is Jesus, Buddha and 
Krishna wrapped up in one,  something known as the âChrist Principleâ or â
Christ  Consciousness.â"
"Yes the World Teacher that was prophesied by  Bailey and Blavatsky sounds 
like the antichristâand if they say their world  teacher has returned you 
should watch your back."

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_http://conspiracyclhttp://conhttp://conspihttp:/_ ( 

M. Sufilight says:
I am of  course clearly disagreeing with the content of the article about 
Theosophical  Scoiety - and - also with B. Creme and the AAB followers and 
their promotion  non-theosophical Externalization doctrines. Doctrines in 
opposition to H. P.  Blavatsky's teachings and the original aim of the 
Theosophical Society  (1875-1891).

It seems, that the real Wisdom Teachings are being sought  ridiculed or put 
down by those who has another agenda than Wisdom and  Compassion to all 
human beings in the world.

The interesting thing is  that the leading Mass-Medias could for instance 
emphasise scheduling a weekly  program called something like "What is The 
Mening of Life?" or ..."The Meaning  of Life is not to be stupid" or a programe 
called "Religion versus Politics -  This week: On phaedophiles" etc. etc. 
But none of them, at least not the major  ones, are doing such a thing.
Why not?

How can one solve international problems without talking about the  Meaning 
of Life? It baffles me, that this issue is not being addressed much  more 
often by the leading Mass-medias weekly debates. The Mass-medias walk  very 
much around the cake so to speak without really eating it. But perhaps,  it 
is becasue people in general will find out the TRUTH; and that is not what  
those who are in Power (and who often call themselves wise and compassionate  
and humane) want. They like Power more than to seek to help the poor and 
those  in need, those who starve in poor countries, - they like the banks, the 
 wealthy, those who crush the poor people under their feet. They like money 
so  much, that they almost look like Scrooge McDuck or similar. Claiming 
nervous  break-down if THEY have to pay more than half their surplus to those 
in dire  need. They give charity amounting to nil in their world, but a lot 
in ordinary  humans worlds.

H. P. Blavatsky said:
"The teachings of both [Buddha  and Jesus] are boundless love for humanity, 
charity, forgiveness of injury,  forgetfulness of self, and pity for the 
deluded masses; both show the same  contempt for riches, and make no 
difference between meum and tuum. Their  desire was, without revealing to all the 
sacred mysteries of initiation, to  give the ignorant and the misled, whose 
burden in life was too heavy for them,  hope enough and an inkling into the 
truth sufficient to support them in their  heaviest hours. But the object of 
both Reformers was frustrated, owing to  excess of zeal of their later 
followers. The words of the Masters having been  misunderstood and misinterpreted, 
behold the consequences!  "
"But it is nothing of the kind. Intrinsically, Theosophy is  the most 
serious movement of this age; and one, moreover, which threatens the  very life 
of most of the time-honoured humbugs, prejudices, and social evils  of the 
day â those evils which fatten and make happy the upper ten and their  
imitators and sycophants, the wealthy dozens of the middle classes, while they  
positively crush and starve out of existence the millions of the poor_. Think  
of this, and you will easily understand the reason of such a relentless  
persecution by those others who, more observant and perspicacious, do see the  
true nature of Theosophy, and therefore dread it.
(The Key to Theosophy,  2nd. Ed. 1890, p. 79, 244)
_ ( _http://www.phx-http://wwwhttp://wwhtt_ 
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M. Sufilight says:
Today the  picture has changed a bit.
Yet, we find that there are many poor people in  a number of countries. 
Today people are not so poor in the Western countries  any more as they were in 
HPB's days.
But, the Westerners in general have  new problems: Due to migration and 
heavy travelling among people on the globe  disease and vira are spreading 
fast. And food prodcution is in fact in some  respects of less quality than in 
the old days; often due to toxic pesticides  or by adding artificial flavour 
etc. etc. - or they have been genetically  modified. (Try for instance this 
which I got in my Intray today: Health  Petition for Independent Science in 
GMO Risk Assessment - _ ( 
(  ) The average human find it  increasingly difficult to find something 
really healthy to eat; yet something  has been done about it. The rich dine 
at the big hotels and can easily get  what they want; yet they also have 
unhealthy habits; and they eat too much  instead. The air we breathe is no 
longer the same. The level of CO2 has been  on a steady raise since 1730 or so; 
(this according to science). And the air  we breahthe in the big cities are 
not seldom no good due to car-pollution etc.  Think about the children in 
Tokyo and elsehwere. The water we drink and bathe  in is often not real clean 
water, except in a few more deserted places. - The  fish people eat live in 
polluted water half of the time. Our clothes are not  ecological any more. 
They contain chemicals of various more or less unhealthy  kinds, and new 
chemicals are added almost uncontrolled without informing the  public about 
potential risks. Childrens toys are covered by the same problem;  toys these 
days are sometimes quite dangerous for the small kid to put into  the mouth. - 
Well it seems there is a lot of chemical testing going on these  days.

Allright, allright, maybe I am painting a bad picture, but there  is 
something real in it and substanial and important truths in it; and this  truth 
aught not to be forgotten. - We are in the Western countries suffering  in the 
midst of plenty - and one reason why is - that nobody stops and asks:  What 
the heck is the Meaning with Life? - And should the poor countries adapt  
our lifestyles by being democraticized? - And this instead of given one 
single  thoguht about the possible Meaning of Life?

And if you are a leading  Journalist or Media-boss reading this - the word 
is: Pull yourselves together.  Act instead of praying for the return of 
Jesus or Christ or Maitreya etc. -  because by doing nothing about the above 
issues the level of Karma will  definitely grow. - We cannot expect the Masters 
and a person merely assumed to  be an Avatar to come and clean up our mess. 
- And to those who are barely  a_quainted with such a creature (the 
Mass-media Boos or a leadning Journalist):  I think you know what to do, because 
you are also involved.

I am just  one person among many who seek to be of service to us all.

M.  Sufilight

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