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Re: Theos-World White Lotus Day

May 08, 2010 08:42 AM
by Drpsionic

And let us remember that it was neither her immense presence or the extreme 
 gravity that surrounded her that made her what she was.
Chuck the Heretic  

In a message dated 5/7/2010 7:42:54 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

Now it is May 8th morning in India and it is White Lotus Day.

H P  Blavatsky passed away on this day and every year TS lodges around the
world  celebrate it in remembrance of HPBâs sacrifices for bringing 
to  the modern world. Lives of many have been transformed by exposure to  
doctrines of theosophy and it is but fitting that we remember the  Light

These days too much talk is going on, especially in  the West about
meditation and allied practices, unseen worlds etc. etc. In  here last will,
did HPB tell theosophists to concentrate and meditate on  this day in
remembrance of her. No, No.

She wanted parts from Light  of Asia (Life of Lord Buddha) and Bhagavat Gita
read on this day and poor  people fed.

I think these two are symbolic of the human transformation  that is the 
right of all and the need not to forget our poor brothers  and sisters._

Let us all remember HPB and show our gratitude for the  knowledge she 
to the world and benefit by transforming ourselves  and benefit Humanity.


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